Consumer Behavior Quiz Question with Answer

21. Social classes differ in media preferences, with upper-class consumers often preferring what and lower-class consumers often preferring television?

  1. movies
  2. radio
  3. video or computer games
  4. magazines and books

22. Smoke detectors, preventive medicines, insurance, retirement investments, seat belts, burglar alarms, and sunscreen are all examples of products to satisfy consumers..........needs

  1. safety
  2. self-actualization
  3. physiological
  4. belongingness

23. Services that aid consumers in their search and decision making on the Internet are known as what?

  1. bots
  2. worms
  3. viruses
  4. seekers

24. Secondary reference groups include

  1. Family and close friends
  2. Sports groups
  3. Ethnic and religious groups
  4. Fraternal organizations and professional associations

25. Rules for purchasing are called

  1. Risk reducers
  2. Heuristics
  3. Purchase regulations
  4. None of the above

26. Research has shown that most of the online search leading up to a purchase was hat?

  1. brand only
  2. generic
  3. brand-item
  4. retail

27. Product involvement refers to...............or personal relevance of an item.

  1. A consumers perception of the importance
  2. The need of the product
  3. The price the product
  4. The amount of people who bought the product

28. Persons own living or interacting and acting pattern is classified

  1. lifestyle
  2. personality and self-concept
  3. social class
  4. None of above

29. People will forget much that they learn. They tend to retain information that supports their attitudes and beliefs. This is called

  1. Selective retention
  2. Selective distortion
  3. Selective attitude
  4. Selective attention

30. Needs of customers are triggered by

  1. internal stimuli
  2. external stimuli
  3. both a and b
  4. none of above

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