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Embark on a comprehensive exploration of Commerce with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student delving into the fundamentals of business and trade, an entrepreneur seeking to understand market dynamics, or a professional navigating the complexities of commerce, our repository offers invaluable insights. Explore topics such as business organization, trade policies, marketing strategies, financial management, and international trade. Each multiple-choice question is meticulously crafted to challenge your understanding and stimulate critical thinking about the intricacies of commerce. From understanding supply chain management to analyzing consumer behavior and market trends, our MCQs provide a comprehensive exploration of all facets of Commerce. Start exploring today to deepen your knowledge and excel in the dynamic world of business and trade!

Commerce Questions with Answers

1. After getting minimum subscription of shares, the company has to allot shares with in ..........days

2. All direct & indirect expenses related to business are charged

3. Both of the old companies will not exist in

4. Hitanshi Ltd.s purchase consideration is Rs.12,345 and Net Assets Rs.3,568, then...........

5. Holders of preference shares will have a right to vote if the dividend remains in arrears for a period not lessthan

6. If amalgamation is in the ..............., the General Reserve or Profit and Loss A/c balance will not be shown in the balance sheet.

7. If Company A purchases the majority shares of Company B, what combination would this be referred to?

8. If the intrinsic values of shares exchanged are not equal, the difference is paid in ...........

9. If the market price of the shares to be given for Purchase Consideration at the time of absorption, ............of the share is to be determined

10. If the minimum subscription is not received by the company, then the refund of application money should be made within ...........days

11. If the two companies have different accounting policies in respect of the same item, then they make necessary changes to adopt.............. Accounting policies.

12. In amalgamation of two companies

13. In case of existing company takes over the business of another company and no new company is formed.

14. In case of public limited company, after getting the ..................the company can start the business

15. Maximum number of members in public limited company is

16. Minimum number of members in case of public company is

17. Net Assets minus Capital Reserve is

18. Premium on issue of shares can be used for

19. Premium received on issue of shares cannot be utilised for

20. Premium received on issue of shares is shown on

21. Section .............of companies act 1956 deals with the scheme of stock invest

22. Share allotment account is a

23. Shares received from the new company are recorded at

24. The Amalgamation Adjustment Account appears in the books, it is shown under the heading of ......... in the balance sheet.

25. The minimum share Application money is

26. The original amount of preference share capital should be transferred to ...................account in the time of amalgamation in the books of vendor co.

27. The shares received from the new company is recorded at

28. Trade Payables are recorded in .............

29. When company purchases the business of another company ................comes into existence.

30. When liquidation expenses is paid and borne by seller company then it is debited to

31. When one of the existing companies take over business of another company or companies, it is known as ...........

32. When purchasing company pays purchase consideration, it will be debited to

33. When shares issued at premium which of the following account is credited?

34. When the purchasing company bears the liquidation expenses, it will debit the expenses to

35. When the purchasing company does not take over a particular liability and the vendor company pays that liability, it will debit it to

36. When the Vendor (seller) company agrees to bear liquidation expenses, it will debit

37. When two or more companies carrying on similar business decide to combine, a new company is formed, it is known as ..................

38. Which of the following statement is correct?

39. While calculating purchase consideration ....................values of assets is to be considered

40. While calculating purchase price, the following values of assets are considered


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