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Organizational Behavior Quiz Question with Answer

1. Which of the following departmentalization can be considered necessary in an organization where the companys products fall into several categories with very different production methods for each category?

  1. Customer
  2. Production
  3. Process
  4. Matrix

2. Which of the following fields has most helped us understand differences in fundamental values, attitudes, and behaviour among people in different countries?

  1. Anthropology
  2. Psychology
  3. political science
  4. operations research

3. which of the following is / are included as structure of human mind

  1. Id
  2. Ego
  3. Super ego
  4. All the above

4. Which of the following is / are method of managing stress

  1. Job relocation
  2. Career counseling
  3. Recreational facility
  4. All the above

5. Which of the following is / are not a method of managing stress

  1. Time management
  2. Supervisor training
  3. Role Analysis techniques (RAT)
  4. Rorschach test

6. Which of the following is / are not direct method to solve intergroup conflicts

  1. Problem solving
  2. Domination by the management
  3. Removing key figures in conflict
  4. Persuasion

7. Which of the following is a method of measuring attitude?

  1. Opinion survey
  2. Interview
  3. Scaling techniques
  4. All the above

8. Which of the following is a reason that the study of organizational behaviour is useful?

  1. Human behavior does not vary a great deal between individuals and situations.
  2. Human behavior is not random.
  3. Human behavior is not consistent.
  4. Human behavior is rarely predictable.

9. Which of the following is an environmental force that shapes personality?

  1. Gender
  2. Height
  3. Experience
  4. Brain size

10. Which of the following is most likely to be a belief held by a successful manager?

  1. Technical knowledge is all that is needed for success.
  2. It is not essential to have sound interpersonal skills.
  3. Technical skills are necessary, but insufficient alone for success.
  4. Effectiveness is not impacted by human behavior.

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