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Embark on an exciting journey through the world of Tourism with our captivating collection of trivia questions and answers. Whether you're a traveler seeking to test your knowledge of global destinations, a tourism enthusiast exploring the cultural heritage of different regions, or a professional in the hospitality industry, our repository offers a delightful experience. Explore topics such as famous landmarks, tourist attractions, world heritage sites, cultural festivals, and adventure destinations. Each trivia question is meticulously crafted to challenge your knowledge and ignite your passion for travel and exploration. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, our trivia questions provide an engaging exploration of the diverse and vibrant world of Tourism. Start your adventure today and discover fascinating insights into the wonders of travel and leisure!

Tourism Questions with Answers

1. The number of affiliate members of the WTO is

2. A Dharamshala is suitable for

3. A push strategy is directed towards the

4. A traveler, who visits Mecca for the purpose of performing Hajj, is a / an

5. Adventure TSM classified into

6. Bekal fort situated in

7. Bharathanatyam dance from originated in

8. Black Pottery and clay pipes in

9. Blue Pottery in

10. Bolgatty palace built by

11. Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus situated in ?

12. Christianity is divided among.....................main groups ?

13. Dilwaru Temples, mount Abu is of Architecture

14. Dussehra is celebrated during

15. Edakkal caves is situated in which district

16. Ellora caves situated in

17. Every museum pray at least....................times a day

18. Famous Hindu place of pilgrimage Amaenlath is in

19. Fatehpur Sikri is located in

20. Guru Voyeur it is known as the

21. Haridwar is idle place for undertaking

22. Hindustani Music prevails in

23. Holi means?

24. Hutub Minar complex was first constructed by

25. If you are moving in a sanctuary and learning more about migratory birds, you are, in all probability, a/an

26. If you to enjoy a Camel Safari you would have to go to

27. In which of the following cities is the Golden Temple located?

28. Indian Temple architecture styles

29. Ivory Bangles in

30. Jainism founder in?

31. Kathak is the classical dance of

32. Kaziranga national park situated in

33. Keoladeo national park situated in

34. Khajaraho Temple are situated in

35. Khuchipudi, a dance drama has originated from?

36. Leisure is a/an

37. Local flora and fauna is

38. Lotus temple is situated in

39. Mahabodhi Temple is a

40. Main Gurus of Sikhism?

41. Main Hindu dharmas are

42. Main through following the.....................fold path in Buddhism

43. Manas National park is a project.....................reserve

44. Name the largest Island in the World

45. Nearly......................percent of Indians population in Hindus?

46. Parasailing is a popular form of enjoyment in Adventure Tourism. What is it ?

47. Pushkar Fair is held in Pushkar which place?

48. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in....................month

49. Recreation is a

50. Royal orient is operated by Tourist Corporation of


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Tourism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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