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Microeconomics Quiz Question with Answer

1. Normally, the natural economy is characterized by:

  1. price formation through complex mechanisms
  2. perfect competition
  3. the preponderance of product exchange
  4. the satisfaction of the individual and community needs of its own production

2. The profit maximization condition for a firm in a market with monopolistic competition is the following (MR is marginal revenue, MC is marginal cost, P is price, ATC is average total cost, TR is total revenue):

  1. MR = MC
  2. MC = P
  3. MR = ATC
  4. TR to be maximum

3. Which of the following can be considered as the basic features of public goods:

  1. are state-owned
  2. are characterized by non-excludability and non-rivalry
  3. are characterized by excludability and rivalry
  4. may be positive or negative

4. Which of the following conditions indicate that a good is produced under perfect competition:

  1. producers profits are high
  2. producers profits are small
  3. total supply is inelastic
  4. individual demand is perfectly elastic

5. Which of the following features define human needs:

  1. are not concurrent
  2. do not disappear momentarily if they are satisfied
  3. are unlimited in capacity
  4. are unlimited in number

6. Which of the following solutions are not part of the ways of internalizing externalities:

  1. the imposition of fines on the producer of negative externalities
  2. the introduction of taxes and duties that bring private costs to the level of social costs
  3. closure of companies producing positive or negative externalities
  4. the association of the negative externality manufacturer with the receptor of such an effect

7. Which of the following statements about monopoly is true:

  1. there are several companies producing a specific product
  2. there is only one producing company, but the product has close substitutes
  3. there are no competitors on the relevant market
  4. input barriers are low

8. An economic agent contracts a loan of 15.000 lei, which he will repay in three equal annual installments. What will be the total interest paid, knowing that the annual interest rate is 12% per year?

  1. 3600 lei
  2. 1800 lei
  3. 5400 lei
  4. 1500 lei

9. An economic agent makes a bank deposit of 10.000 lei with an interest rate of 5%. What will be the amount in the bank after 2 years, if the economic agent does not make withdrawals from the account created during this period?

  1. 11000 lei
  2. 1000 lei
  3. 11025 lei
  4. 500 lei

10. Calculate the average fixed cost (AFC), for a level of production Q = 20, knowing that the total cost function is: TC = 200 + 3Q + 2Q2

  1. 1060
  2. 200
  3. 20
  4. 10

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