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Public Expenditure MCQs questions answers

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Embark on an insightful exploration of Public Expenditure with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying government budgeting, a policymaker shaping public spending priorities, or an economist analyzing fiscal policy, our repository offers invaluable insights. Explore topics such as types of government expenditures, budgetary processes, fiscal sustainability, expenditure policies, and public finance management. Each multiple-choice question is meticulously crafted to challenge your understanding and stimulate critical thinking about the complexities of public expenditure allocation and management. From understanding the role of government spending in economic stabilization to analyzing its impact on income distribution and social welfare, our MCQs provide a comprehensive exploration of all facets of Public Expenditure. Start exploring today to deepen your knowledge and contribute to informed discussions on fiscal policy matters!

Public Expenditure Questions with Answers

1. According to HC Adams public expenditure has to perform the

2. An empirical law to the effect of growing public expenditure was propounded by

3. Bharat Nirman, MGNREGA are examples of

4. Debts that are repaid at some specific future date are known as

5. Debts which have to be paid at some specific future date are known as

6. External debts can be raised from

7. External loans are raised from

8. Fiscal federalism deals with

9. Interest payments are a part of

10. Loans taken by the government for purpose of war, earthquakes for covering budget deficit are

11. Pick out the factor which is not a part of revenue budget

12. Pick out the feature which is not applicable to a good budget

13. Pick out the feature which is not true in the case of repudiation of debt

14. Pick out the feature which is not true of a capital levy

15. Pick out the item which is not a part of capital budget

16. Pick out the item which is not a part of non-plan expenditure on the revenue side

17. Pick out the item which is not a part of non-tax revenue

18. Pick out the item which is not a part of tax revenue

19. Pick out the item which is not a part of the plan expenditure

20. Pick out the method which is not a part of redemption

21. Productive debts are utilized for

22. Public Expenditure refers to

23. The budget presented wken elections are due is known as

24. The defence expenditure minimizes the possibility of

25. The finance commissions role is to

26. The full form of FRBM Act 2003 is

27. The main pillars of institutional framework to deal with centre-state financial relations in India is

28. The major objectives of public expenditure are

29. The method by which a certain portion matures every year as decided by the lottery system

30. The number of sections of a good budget are

31. The term fiscal federalism was introduced by

32. The term Fiscal Federalism was introduced by

33. The theory of fiscal federalism assumes

34. The treasury bills are issued by RBI on behalf of the government

35. Transfer payments include

36. Under Article 246 and Seventh Schedule, List I invest the Union with functions of

37. Under Article 246 and Seventh Schedule, List II invest the State with functions of

38. When budget revenue equals expenditure the budget shows

39. Which is / are the advantages of redemption of debt

40. Which of the following is not an objective of public debt management

41. Which of the following is not true of public budget?

42. Which of the following is the most comprehensive measure of budgetary imbalances?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Public Expenditure

Public Expenditure Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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