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Mortgages Quiz Question with Answer

1. The monthly mortgage payment divided by the loan amount is commonly referred to as the

  1. loan balance
  2. effective borrowing cost
  3. lenders yield
  4. monthly loan constant

2. Assume that a borrower has a choice between two comparable fixed-rate mortgage loans with the same interest rate, but different mortgage terms, one being a 30-year mortgage and the other a 15-year mortgage. Under financially unconstrained circumstances, which of the following statements best describes the borrowers preference?

  1. The borrower would prefer the 30-year mortgage.
  2. The borrower would prefer the 15-year mortgage.
  3. The borrower would be indifferent between the two mortgages.
  4. The borrower is unable to compare mortgage loans of two different maturities.

3. For the purposes of estimating the effective borrowing cost (EBC), only those up-front expenses associated with obtaining the mortgage should be included. With this in mind, which of the following costs should not be included in ones calculation of EBC?

  1. Discount points
  2. Loan origination fees
  3. Appraisal fee
  4. Buyers title insurance

4. From the borrowers perspective, the effective borrowing cost is often viewed as the implied internal rate of return (IRR), since it takes into consideration costs that the borrower faces, but which are not passed on as income to the lender. Included in this calculation are closing costs, which may consist of all of the following except

  1. Title insurance
  2. Mortgage insurance
  3. Recording fees
  4. Earnest money

5. Given the following information on a 30-year fixed-payment loan, determine the remaining balance that the borrower has at the end of seven years. Interest Rate: 7%, Monthly Payment: $1,200.

  1. 17143
  2. 79509
  3. 164402
  4. 180369

6. Given the following information on a fixed-rate loan, determine the maximum amount that the lender will be willing to provide to the borrower. Loan Term: 30 years, Monthly Payment: $800, Interest Rate: 6%

  1. 6707
  2. $9295.15
  3. 13333
  4. 133433

7. Given the following information on an interest-only mortgage, calculate the monthly mortgage payment. Loan amount: $56,000, Term: 15 years, Interest Rate: 7.5%.

  1. $169.13
  2. 350
  3. $519.13
  4. 4200

8. Given the following information, calculate the balloon payment for a partially amortized mortgage. Loan amount: $84,000, Term to maturity: 7 years, Amortization Term: 30 years, Interest rate: 4.5%, Monthly Payment: $425.62.

  1. 9458
  2. 30620
  3. 73103
  4. 84000

9. Given the following information, calculate the effective borrowing cost (EBC). Loan amount: $166,950, Term: 30 years, Interest rate: 8 %, Payment: $1,225.00, Discount points: 2, Other Closing Expenses: $3,611.

  1. 7.70%
  2. 8.20%
  3. 8.50%
  4. 9.10%

10. Given the following information, calculate the lenders yield. Loan amount: $166,950, Term: 30 years, Interest rate: 8 %, Payment: $1,225.00, Discount points: 2.

  1. 7.70%
  2. 8.00%
  3. 8.20%
  4. 10.00%

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