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Business Etiquette Question with Answer

1. A co-worker comes to your office to introduce you to a friend of his. You:

  1. Smile and nod
  2. You stand up, establish eye contact, smile and shake his hand
  3. Wave and tell him how happy you are to meet him
  4. Give him a high five

2. A co-worker shares office gossip/rumors with you. You:

  1. Thank him for telling you and pass the stories on
  2. Check out the facts with other employees
  3. Politely listen and keep the information to yourself

3. After a meeting with a contact, in order to express your thanks, it is appropriate to:

  1. Send him/her a small box of chocolates with a note
  2. Drop by the office and give him/her a hot cup of coffee
  3. Send a dozen red roses to his/her home
  4. Send a thank you letter

4. Anger is a complex emotion that occasionally surfaces in the workplace. When it does, the best way to deal with anger is to:

  1. Train yourself to deal with anger and dont express it during working hours.
  2. Speak your mind regularly so it doesnt build up.
  3. Find outlets for your anger such as a walk during lunch, journaling, counting to ten. If you cant resolve your anger, get help.

5. Canadians value closeness and friendliness. It is appropriate to stand close to a business contact and frequently touch his/her arm while talking.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

6. For leading a successful business meeting, your number one priority is:

  1. Making sure you have good attendance and participation.
  2. Keeping great notes and sending them to everyone after the meeting.
  3. Creating tasks and accomplishing the agenda in the allotted time.

7. Humour in the workplace is:

  1. A great way to occasionally break the stress during a business day.
  2. A way to show your character by demonstrating the areas you find humorous.
  3. All of the above.

8. If an important call comes in when you are at a business lunch:

  1. Take the call at the table and try to be quiet so you wont disturb the other diners during the call.
  2. Turn your phone off completely and collect your voice mail messages afterward.
  3. Tell your associates at lunch that you are expecting an important call, put your phone on vibrate mode and when the call does come, excuse yourself, leave the table and go to a place where no one can hear you. When you return to the table, thank your guest for allowing you to take the call and dont apologize or talk about the nature of the call.

9. If you are considered a junior officer in your company and approach a senior officer, do you offer to shake hands?

  1. Yes, it is an excellent opportunity to make create trust and rapport.
  2. No. You wait for the senior officer to initiate the handshake.
  3. You should only initiate the handshake if the other person is a man. Woman must be allowed to initiate handshakes according to their preferences.

10. If you are running late for an appointment because your boss has called a last minute meeting, its best to:

  1. Call immediately and reschedule the meeting for a later time or another day.
  2. Try and go to both meetings even if you leave one early and arrive late for the other one.
  3. Call and let the persons administrative assistant know you will be an hour late for your scheduled meeting.

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