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Communication Skills Quiz Question with Answer

1. Which of these is a communication skill?

  1. talking at the same time as someone else
  2. listening to what people say
  3. putting your fingers in your ears

2. Which of these is not a communication skill?

  1. running
  2. texting
  3. chatting to people

3. What body language shows you are listening?

  1. turning away from the speaker
  2. nodding and making eye contact
  3. looking out of the window

4. Which of these is not a communication skill?

  1. laughing
  2. swimming
  3. asking questions

5. Someone is telling you about an accident theyve had. How would you react?

  1. look pleased
  2. look behind you
  3. look concerned

6. Which of these is a communication skill?

  1. checking the weather forecast
  2. checking the time
  3. checking that youve understood someone

7. Which of these is a communication skill?

  1. saying the same thing over and over
  2. saying why you believe something
  3. saying what people want to hear

8. If you dont agree with someone else, what would you say?

  1. You are wrong.
  2. I dont agree.
  3. Stop talking rubbish.

9. If you have to ring the doctors surgery what information might you need to have ready?

  1. your National Insurance number
  2. your shoe size
  3. your name and date of birth

10. If you want to complain, whats the best way to behave?

  1. stay calm but stick to your point
  2. get very angry
  3. get ready to cry

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