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Hospitality Management MCQs questions answers

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Delve into the vibrant world of Hospitality Management with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a hospitality student embarking on a career in hotel management, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry, or an entrepreneur venturing into the realm of hospitality services, our repository offers invaluable insights. Explore a diverse range of topics including hotel operations, food and beverage management, guest services, event planning, and tourism management. Each multiple-choice question is meticulously crafted to challenge your understanding and stimulate critical thinking about the nuances of hospitality management. From understanding customer service principles to mastering revenue management strategies, our MCQs provide a comprehensive exploration of all facets of Hospitality Management. Start exploring today to deepen your knowledge and excel in the dynamic and rewarding field of hospitality!

Hospitality Management Questions with Answers

1. Modified American plan includes

2. Motels are located on

3. Name a country where we can see a capsule hotel

4. Name the underlines cloth used on a restaurant table

5. One would find boatels in

6. Pensions are found in

7. Recaud means

8. Regular published rate of a hotel or other travel service is called

9. Table d hot is a term related to

10. The chef De party responsible for vegetable preparations are

11. The DND cards in a maids trolley belong to

12. The guest enters into a large hotel from its

13. The mean which provides a choice of items is

14. The person who cleans the kitchen is

15. The place in a hotel where alcoholic beverages and snacks are served is

16. The portion responsible for the landscapes and gardens of the hotel premises is

17. The size of the bed in a king room is

18. The term restaurant originated in

19. Vacation homes found in Switzerland are called

20. We can find unique artifacts and accommodations in......................hotel

21. What is a mock tail

22. What is a motel

23. What is the main feature of a time share establishment

24. Which is the first state in India to convert its Maharajas into hotel

25. Which is the hotel on wheels

26. Which one of the following hotel faced terrorist attack

27. Which one of the following is not available in the in-flight menu.

28. Which one of the following Organizations is operating youth hostels around the world

29. Which restaurant chain was involved in a controversy related to beef follow

30. Which section in a kitchen supplies tea or coffee

31. Which state has the maximum number of heritage hotels in India

32. Who is the head of the Housekeeping department

33. Why are electric kettles provided in four star and five star hotels

34. A business lounge will be found in a.......................hotel

35. A Duplex room is a room with

36. A food service operation of a limited menu and self service is

37. A hotel employee who handles restaurant and tour reservations, travel arrangements etc is

38. A hotel situated near an airport is known as

39. A hotel smaller in size with modest boarding and lodging facilities is known

40. A property which provides full ownership of units is called a

41. A room viewing a landscape, water body or any other service view is

42. A shuttle service to the airport is a typical feature of which type of hotel

43. American plan refuse to

44. American service is otherwise called

45. An order is found in

46. APR is the term used in hotel industry for identifying

47. Cabana means

48. Chef poissonier specializes in

49. Cocktails are mixed only by expect cocktail makers or experienced bar tenders. Infact, they are proud of their skills. Why is that so ?

50. Countries which created Hydro polis first are


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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