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Hospitality Management Quiz Question with Answer

1. Modified American plan includes

  1. Two meals of the day + Room rent
  2. One meal of the day = Room rent
  3. Breakfast + Room rent

2. Motels are located on

  1. Highways
  2. Roadways
  3. Sea side
  4. None of these

3. Name a country where we can see a capsule hotel

  1. China
  2. Japan
  3. Malaysia
  4. None of these

4. Name the underlines cloth used on a restaurant table

  1. Slip cloth
  2. Demask
  3. Serviette
  4. Baize cloth

5. One would find boatels in

  1. Manali
  2. Srinagar
  3. Loktak
  4. Ooty

6. Pensions are found in

  1. UK and France
  2. Europe and USA
  3. India and Europe
  4. None of these

7. Recaud means

  1. A type of dish
  2. An alcohol store
  3. A type of serving bowl
  4. None of these

8. Regular published rate of a hotel or other travel service is called

  1. Room Rate
  2. Rack Rate
  3. Normal Rate
  4. None of these

9. Table d hot is a term related to

  1. Varied Buffet Services
  2. Fixed number of items in a menu
  3. Choice of items in a menu
  4. Options for guest to prepare their own menu

10. The chef De party responsible for vegetable preparations are

  1. Potagers
  2. Entremetier
  3. Charcutier
  4. Poissonier

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