Consumer Behavior Quiz Question with Answer

11. The groups we see occasionally, with whom we have a shared interest, are called

  1. Primary groups
  2. Secondary groups
  3. Familiarity groups
  4. Tertiary groups

12. The groups that individuals look to when forming attitudes and opinions:

  1. Reference groups
  2. Teenage groups
  3. Religious groups
  4. Adult groups

13. The factors that have been shown to affect consumer behavior

  1. Brand name, quality, newness, and complexity
  2. Advertising, marketing, product, and price
  3. Outlets, strategies, concept, and brand name
  4. Quality, advertising, product positioning, and strategy

14. The energizing force that activates behavior and provides purpose and direction to that behavior is known as

  1. motivation
  2. personality
  3. emotion
  4. perception

15. The emotional component of attitude is called

  1. Cognition
  2. Conation
  3. Affect
  4. None of the above

16. The effect whereby someone holding two conflicting attitudes at once feels discomfort is called

  1. Attitude disconfirmation
  2. Affective re-adjustment
  3. Cognitive dissonance
  4. None of the above

17. The demand which is affected by price changes in short term is

  1. elastic demand
  2. inelastic demand
  3. realistic demand
  4. unrealistic demand

18. The demand of business buyers is derived from

  1. final consumer demand
  2. raw materials suppliers
  3. production controller
  4. logistic managers

19. The definition of reference groups is:

  1. Groups that an individual looks to when forming attitudes and opinions
  2. Groups of people who have been referred to by someone they know
  3. Groups of office colleagues
  4. Chat groups on the internet

20. Tendency to which results of innovation are communicated to others is classified as

  1. relative advantage
  2. divisibility
  3. communicability
  4. compatibility

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