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Tax Planning and Management Quiz Question with Answer

1. a casual income

  1. Interest received
  2. Dividend income
  3. Person received
  4. Winning from lotteries

2. the implementation of the plan of tax

  1. Tax evasion
  2. Tax avoidance
  3. Tax management
  4. None of these

3. exempted from income tax.

  1. Interest from Indian company
  2. Dividend from foreign company
  3. Cooperative dividend
  4. Dividend from Indian company

4. ..........refers to hedging of tax?

  1. Tax planning
  2. Tax evasion
  3. Tax management
  4. Tax avoidance

5. with PAN

  1. Section 140
  2. Section 140 (A)
  3. Section 140 (B)
  4. Section 140 (C)

6. 80 ID deals with tax holiday for

  1. Hospitals
  2. Hotels
  3. Natural gas
  4. Eligible business

7. A company carry forward the eligible tax credit under MAT for a maximum of

  1. Five assessment years
  2. Eight assessment years
  3. Ten assessment years
  4. Twelve assessment years

8. A company in which the public are not substantially interested is closed

  1. Open company
  2. Closely held company
  3. Limited company
  4. None of these

9. A company in which the public is not substantially interested is known as

  1. Domestic company
  2. Foreign company
  3. Widely held company
  4. Closely held company

10. A company which is neither an Indian company not has made the prescribed arrangements for the declaration and payment of dividends within India is called

  1. Domestic Company
  2. Foreign Company
  3. Public sector company
  4. Provincial company

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Tax Planning and Management

Tax Planning and Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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