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Consumer Behavior Quiz Question with Answer

1. A motive which operates below the conscious level is called

  1. A conscious motive
  2. A dormant motive
  3. An emotional motive
  4. None of the above

2. Those who seek out new intellectual experiences are called

  1. Cognitive innovators
  2. Sensory innovators
  3. Attitudinal innovators
  4. Intelligent

3. The whole sellers and retailers buying behavior is classified as

  1. business buyer behavior
  2. derived demand
  3. business buying process
  4. cognitive dissonance

4. The view that lower-class people imitate upper-class people is called

  1. Trickle-down theory
  2. Imitation theory
  3. Class differential theory
  4. None

5. The stage in buying behavior which follows the reviews of supplier proposals by business buyer is

  1. supplier selection
  2. proposal solicitation
  3. supplier search
  4. order-routine specification

6. The set of shared beliefs, behaviors and attitudes associated with a large group of people is called

  1. Religion
  2. Culture
  3. Social Frameworkd
  4. Ethics

7. The relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society, which are hierarchically ordered and whose members share similar values, interests, and behavior constitute what?

  1. a culture
  2. a subculture
  3. a social class
  4. a family

8. The rational element of motivation is called:

  1. A goal
  2. An incentive
  3. A drive
  4. None of the above

9. The price of products and services often influence whether..............., and, if so, which competitive offering is selected

  1. Consumers will purchase them at all
  2. Consumers see a need to buy
  3. Consumers will decide to buy immediately
  4. People would recommend the product

10. The person with the most power is called

  1. The most powerful person
  2. The least dependent person
  3. The most independent person
  4. Interdependent

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