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How to Make a Soccer Prediction: Self-analysis

So, you're bitten by the sports betting bug, and football—your treasured pastime—beckons you to dive into professional analytics, right?

Ever found yourself captivated by the adrenaline rush of sports betting, with football ranking as your all-time favorite spectacle? Then,......

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Why hasn't Man City won the Premier League for a month?

Man City's streak in the English Premier League reaches four games - this is a repeat of the anti-record in the era of Pep Guardiola. After losing to the The Villans, last year's national champions fell to 4th place in the standings, although they were still leaders during the national team matches.......

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Australian Open 2024: men's tournament preview

The new tennis season on the ATP Tour promises to be extremely exciting. The big sport will be left (according to the tennis player himself) by the Spanish legendary athlete, 37-year-old Rafael Nadal. Will the Serbian “ageless” Novak Djokovic retain his leadership? Who will take the title at the......

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Girona is the leader of La Liga: will they repeat the success of Leicester?

They say that the Spanish La Liga is much inferior to the Premier League in predictability: Real or Barcelona become the champion, occasionally their hegemony is diluted by Atletico, and the last winner not from this trio was Valencia back in 2004. But this season so far demonstrates a fairy tale......

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Don't be surprised by the 2034 World Cup in Saudi Arabia

The prospect of Saudi Arabia hosting the 2034 World Cup has sparked intense controversy, given the kingdom's questionable human rights record. However, Saudi Arabia's growing influence and ambition in the world of sports made their bid to host the event less surprising.

You can

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