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Logistics Management Quiz Question with Answer

1. A kind of transportation where no empty wagons or containers are bought back

  1. Rail
  2. Road
  3. Pipeline

2. A network of highways connecting Indias four metropolitan cities

  1. Golden Quadrilateral
  2. Logistics parks
  3. Deep water ports

3. A type of logistics costing

  1. Consumer costing
  2. Employee costing
  3. Activity costing

4. Air transport is one of the oldest modes of transportation.

  1. TRUE Statement
  2. FALSE Statement

5. Card board is also known as corrosive board.

  1. TRUE Statement
  2. FALSE Statement

6. Conveyors are required where a continuous flow of material over a long period is required

  1. TRUE Statement
  2. FALSE Statement

7. Corrugated Fiberboard is commonly known as

  1. Corrosive Board
  2. Card board
  3. Case board

8. Demand forecasting techniques involve

  1. FSN analysis
  2. VED analysis
  3. None of these

9. Distributers are the middlemen in a supply chain.

  1. TRUE Statement
  2. FALSE Statement

10. Inter modal transportation which combines air

  1. Birdy back
  2. Fishy Back
  3. COF

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