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Business Communication Quiz Question with Answer

1. Communication is a

  1. three way process
  2. one way process
  3. two way process
  4. four way process

2. The downward communication flow from

  1. a superior to a superior
  2. a subordinate to a superior
  3. a subordinate to a subordinate
  4. a superior to a subordinate

3. ........................... channel of communication called the grapevine

  1. horizontal
  2. formal
  3. informal
  4. vertical

4. Examples of oral communication is

  1. telephone
  2. letter
  3. e-mail
  4. fax

5. How to make audio-visual communication effective?

  1. speak politely
  2. the pictures are colourful
  3. clearly written
  4. silent

6. Written communication includes

  1. film
  2. reports & forms
  3. interviews
  4. speaking

7. Communication saves time in

  1. oral communication
  2. internal communication
  3. interview
  4. schedule

8. The most important part of the letter is

  1. body of the letter
  2. the heading
  3. date
  4. post script

9. Normal salutation in chairmans speech will be

  1. Respected Sir
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen
  3. Dear Sir
  4. Madame

10. Telephonic conversation is a

  1. visual communication
  2. verbal communication
  3. non-verbal communication
  4. written

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