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Decision Making Quiz Question with Answer

1. A decision which is taken to meet unexpected situation............

  1. problem decision.
  2. certainty decisions.
  3. crisis decision.
  4. organizational decision.

2. Decision making helps in the smooth function of the...........

  1. business.
  2. staffing.
  3. organization.
  4. planning.

3. Decision making is an exclusive right of the following:

  1. Top management
  2. middle management
  3. lower level management
  4. none of these

4. Decision-making is involved in the following function:

  1. Planning
  2. Organising
  3. Controlling
  4. All of the above

5. Elements of delegation.........

  1. responsibility, authority, accountability.
  2. authority, delegation, accountability.
  3. responsibility, decentralization, centralization.
  4. controlling, responsibility, authority

6. Non programmed decisions have all the following features except:

  1. Deal with Unique and novel problems
  2. Established procedures and practices not available
  3. The conditions are highly uncertain
  4. Repetitive in nature

7. Programmed decisions have all the following features except:

  1. Deal with Routine and repetitive problems
  2. Readymade solutions available
  3. The conditions are highly certain
  4. Made by top management people

8. Selecting a best course of action among the alternatives is called as...........

  1. decision making.
  2. planning.
  3. organizing.
  4. controlling.

9. The criteria for making the right choice among available alternatives involves all the following except:

  1. Weighing the risk of each alternative
  2. Whether alternative will lead to economy of effort
  3. Whether the alternative is best fitted to take note of organisational strengths
  4. Whether the alternative is in sync with the mood of top management

10. The decisions which are frequent and repetitive in as............nature are called

  1. non-programmed decisions.
  2. programmed decisions.
  3. major decisions.
  4. operative decisions.

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