Unix MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Which command will be used with vi editor to insert text to left of cursor?

  1. s
  2. S
  3. a
  4. i

62. Which file gets executed when we use the passwd command

  1. /etc/passwd
  2. /etc/pwd
  3. /bin/passwd
  4. /passwd

63. Which of following commands do not belong to multiple file editing commands

  1. :n!
  2. :q!
  3. :rnew!
  4. All the above

64. Which of the following command addresses all users who are currently hooked on?

  1. write
  2. mail
  3. wall
  4. mesg

65. Which of the following commands is used to identify the type of file by context?

  1. ls
  2. cat
  3. file
  4. more

66. Which of the following is a command for searching a pattern in a file?

  1. Find
  2. group
  3. look up
  4. None

67. Which of the following is allowed in an arithmetic statement involving exprinstruction

  1. []
  2. {}
  3. ()
  4. None of the above

68. Which of the following is NOT a shell keyword

  1. Shift
  2. Readonly
  3. Unset
  4. ls

69. Which of the following is not a unix command

  1. Cd
  2. rm
  3. pwd
  4. del

70. Which of the following is not true

  1. Sorting is done on the basics of first character of each line
  2. Sort command sorts a file word by word rather than line by line
  3. Sort command has s provision to do a numeric sort
  4. Sort is not a filter

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