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Python Questions with Answers

1. Python was released publicly in

2. Who created python ?

3. Python is said to be easily

4. Which of the following function convert a string to a float in python?

5. Is there a do while loop in python ?

6. Which of the following function convert a string to a frozen set in python?

7. Which of the following keyword is a valid placeholder for body of the function ?

8. Which of the following operator in python evaluates to true if it does not finds a variable in the specified sequence and false otherwise?

9. In python 3 what does // operator do ?

10. In Python, which of the following function checks in a string that all characters are digits?

11. In python which keyword is used to start function ?

12. which function is used to open the file for reading in python ?

13. Which of the following function returns the min alphabetical character from the string str?

14. What is the following function compares elements of both lists?

15. Out if list and tuples which are mutable ?

16. What is the following function inserts an object at given index in a list?

17. What is the name of data type for character in python ?

18. In python which is the correct method to load a module ?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Python

Python Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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