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CAD - CAM MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on CAD - CAM multiple choice questions and answers on CAD - CAM MCQ questions on CAD - CAM objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams. Computer aided design and manufacturing quiz question and answer for test exam preparations.

CAD - CAM Questions with Answers

1. BOM structure is used to calculate

2. C' continuity refers to

3. C" continuity refers to

4. C0 continuity refers to

5. CNC drilling machine is considered to be a

6. Color raster display uses three electron guns, namely

7. Computer will perform the data processing functions in

8. convex hull property is satisfied by the following surface

9. Digitizer is constructed on the basis of

10. Dwell is defined by

11. For generating Coons patch we require

12. GUI is the acronym for Graphical User Interface

13. In a 2-D CAD package, clockwise circular arc of radius, 5, specified from P1 (15,10) to P2 (10,15) will have its center at

14. In computer aided drafting practice, an arc is defined by

15. In the following geometric modelling techniques which are not three-dimensional modelling?

16. In the following geometric modelling techniques, which one of the among cannot be used for finite element analysis

17. In the following geometric primitives, which is not a solid entity of CSG modelling

18. In the following three-dimensional modelling techniques, Which do not require much computer time and memory?

19. Keyboard is a .............input device.

20. Light pen is a

21. Locating devices are classified as

22. M30 stands for

23. Mouse is a ..............type of input device.

24. MRP input requires

25. NC contouring is an example of

26. On turning lathes the machine zero point is generally at the

27. Stiffness is the length of the element.

28. The axes of turning machine arc

29. The curve that follows a convex hull property is

30. The degree of the Bezier curve with n control points is

31. The degree of the B-spline with varying knot vectors

32. The degrees of freedom of a two-node bar element are

33. The following is not a graphics standard

34. The heart of a computer is

35. The lost motion in CNC machine tool is on account of

36. The number of lines required to represent a cub in a wireframe model is

37. The number of non-coincidental points required to define the simplest surface are

38. The number of tangents required to describe cubic splines is

39. The order of the cubic spline is the C

40. The screen is scanned from left to right, top to bottom all the time to generate graphics by

41. The shape functions of a two-node bar element are

42. The shape of the Bezier curve is controlled by

43. The software that enables the user to implement custom applications or modify the system for specialized needs is known as

44. The software that is used for file manipulations, managing directories and subdirectories, programming and accounts setups is known as

45. The tensor product technique constraints surfaces by two curves.

46. The widely employed computer architecture for CAD/CAM applications is

47. Thumbwheels are usually mounted on

48. Which of the following is not a synthetic entity?

49. Which of the following is not an analytical entity?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on CAD - CAM

CAD - CAM Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

CAD - CAM Trivia Quiz

CAD - CAM Question and Answer PDF Online

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