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Unix Quiz Question with Answer

1. Unix OS was first developed by

  1. Dennis Ritchie
  2. Bjarne stroustrup
  3. Ken Thompson
  4. Brian Kernighan

2. Unix OS was first developed at

  1. Microsoft corp. USA
  2. AT & T Bell Labs, USA
  3. IBM, USA
  4. Borland International, USA

3. .mailrc is the file

  1. Which stores the incoming mail
  2. Which is used to type the mail to be sent
  3. Which is invoked when the mail command is executed
  4. Which permits you to customize the vi environment

4. A shell variable cannot start with

  1. An alphabet
  2. A number
  3. A special symbol other than an underscore
  4. Both b and c above

5. A Sticky bit applies to a file would mean that

  1. No one can remove it
  2. It would stick around in memory even when its execution is over
  3. Next time you login it would get executed on its own
  4. None of the above

6. After typing the contents of file test created by you by giving the command cat>test you save the contents by

  1. Pressing the keys ctrl-c
  2. Typing save and pressing enter
  3. Pressing Esc key
  4. Pressing ctrl-d

7. After you have entered text in your file, to save and quit vi you will use

  1. Esc shift ZZ
  2. Shift ZZ
  3. Esc:q Enter
  4. None of the above

8. All user directories are usually placed

  1. Letc
  2. lusr
  3. ldev
  4. none

9. An until loop ensures that the statement within the loop get executed

  1. Only once
  2. Atleast once
  3. Not even once
  4. None of the above

10. Binary executable required for system administration is usually placed

  1. Letc
  2. lusr
  3. ldev
  4. none

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