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HTML multiple choice questions and answers on HTML MCQ questions quiz on HTML objectives questions.

HTML Questions with Answers

1. HTML stands for?

2. Correct HTML tag for the largest heading is

3. HTML is a subset of

4. HTML is considered as _________ language.

5. HTML markup language is a set of Markup ___________.

6. HTML tags are used to describe document ___________.

7. Page Designed in HTML is called as ________.

8. HTML program is saved using ____________ extension.

9. HTML program can be read and rendered by _________.

10. HTML was firstly proposed in year _______.

11. HTML tags are surrounded by __________ brackets.

12. HTML document contain 1 root tag called __________.

13. <a> and </a> tags are used for

14. Choose the correct html tag to make text italic

15. <br> tag is used to add


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on HTML

HTML Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

HTML Trivia Quiz

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