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Big Data Hadoop Quiz Question with Answer

1. Hadoop is a framework that works with a variety of related tools. Common cohorts include

  1. MapReduce, Hive and HBase
  2. MapReduce, MySQL and Google Apps
  3. MapReduce, Hummer and Iguana
  4. MapReduce, Heron and Trumpet

2. Hadoop was named after?

  1. Creator Doug Cuttings favorite circus act
  2. The toy elephant of Cuttings son
  3. Cuttings high school rock band
  4. A sound Cuttings laptop made during Hadoops development

3. All of the following accurately describe Hadoop, EXCEPT:

  1. Open source
  2. Java-based
  3. Distributed computing approach
  4. Real-time

4. __________ can best be described as a programming model used to develop Hadoop-based applications that can process massive amounts of data

  1. MapReduce
  2. Mahout
  3. Oozie
  4. All of the mentioned

5. Facebook Tackles Big Data With _______ based on Hadoop

  1. Project Prism
  2. Prism
  3. ProjectData
  4. ProjectBid

6. A platform for constructing data flows for extract, transform, and load (ETL) processing and analysis of large datasets is

  1. Oozie
  2. Hive
  3. Pig
  4. Pig Latin

7. Hive also support custom extensions written in :

  1. C
  2. C#
  3. C++
  4. Java

8. _________ hides the limitations of Java behind a powerful and concise Clojure API for Cascading.

  1. Scalding
  2. Cascalog
  3. Hcatalog
  4. Hcalding

9. ________ is the most popular high-level Java API in Hadoop Ecosystem

  1. Scalding
  2. Hcatalog
  3. Cascalog
  4. Cascading

10. The Pig Latin scripting language is not only a higher-level data flow language but also has operators similar to :

  1. JSON
  2. XML
  3. SQL
  4. Jquery

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Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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