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MCQ quiz on Amazon Web Services AWS multiple choice questions and answers on Amazon Web Services AWS MCQ questions quiz on Amazon Web Services AWS objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Amazon Web Services AWS Questions with Answers

1. Amazon Glacier is a storage service allowing customers to store data for as little as:

2. Object storage systems store files in a flat organization of containers called what?

3. Object storage systems require less _____ than file systems to store and access files.

4. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk automates the details of which of the following functions?

5. Which AWS storage service assists S3 with transferring data?

6. Amazon S3 offers encryption services for which types of data?

7. Amazon S3 offers developers which combination?

8. EBS can always tolerate an Availability Zone failure?

9. Does S3 provide read-after-write consistency?

10. Amazon S3 is which type of storage service?

11. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) does which of the following?

12. What does RRS stand for when referring to the storage option in Amazon S3 that offers a lower level of durability at a lower storage cost?

13. Amazon Web Services falls into which cloud-computing category?

14. What is the maximum size of a single S3 object?

15. Is data stored in S3 is always encrypted?

16. Amazon S3 has how many pricing components?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Amazon Web Services AWS

Amazon Web Services AWS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Amazon Web Services AWS Trivia Quiz

Amazon Web Services AWS Question and Answer PDF Online

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