Computer Graphics MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Computer Graphics MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Computer Graphics multiple choice questions and answers on Computer Graphics MCQ questions quiz on Computer Graphics objectives questions with answer test pdf for interview preparations, freshers jobs and competitive exams.

Computer Graphics Questions with Answers

1. A translation is applied to an object by

2. The graphics can be

3. The quality of an image depend on

4. Which one is the basic input device in GUI

5. A palette can be defined as a finite set of colors for managing the

6. Computer graphics was first used by

7. GUI means

8. Photoreceptors of eyes that allows color vision are called

9. We translate a two-dimensional point by adding

10. Function between luminance of an object and its background is called

11. Plasma panel are also called

12. Short films that use stop motion techniques are what type of animation?

13. The component of interactive computer graphics are

14. The quality of a picture obtained from a device depends on

15. What allows screen positions to be selected with the touch of a finger.

16. Generally, computer input in human computer interaction is

17. Orthographic projection represents three dimensional objects in

18. Personal computer become powerful during the late

19. Plasma panel have ............... resolution.

20. What is the disadvantage of the light pen?

21. A three dimensional object can also be represented using

22. In orthographic projection, the projection lines are ............... to the projection plane.

23. Plasma device converts

24. Three dimensional computer graphics become effective In the late

25. Visible section of an ear is called

26. What is another term to describe vector animation?

27. What is used in graphics workstation as input devices to accept voice commands.

28. ............... is a rigid body transformation that moves objects without deformation.

29. In the term ortho-graphic, ‘orthos means

30. Photoreceptors of eyes that are been saturated and active by sudden light are called

31. The surfaces that is blocked or hidden from view in a 3D scene are known as

32. When a voice command is given, the system searches the ............... for a frequency-pattern match.

33. which environment has been one of the most accepted tool for computer graphics in business and graphics design studios

34. Graphics is one of the ................. major key element in design of multimedia application

35. Reading speed and accuracy is increased by reading familiar words based on

36. The device which is designed to minimize the background sound is

37. The point, from which the observer is assumed to view the object, is called

38. The visual language includes ............... for representing visual sentences.

39. Which type of animation is best suited for creating a flipbook animation?

40. In orthographic projection, the object is placed with one of its faces ............... to the picture plane.

41. Polygons are translated by adding ............... to the coordinate position of each vertex and the current attribute setting.

42. Small region of retina where optic nerve enters eye is called

43. Three dimensional graphics become popular in games designing, multimedia and animation during the late

44. Vector graphics is composed of

45. Which type of animation is best for developing characters that would showcase depth and realism?

46. Why we need removal of hidden surface

47. Orthographic projection is also known as

48. Raster graphics are composed of

49. The quake, one of the first fully 3D games was released in year

50. Three colors of cone sensitivity for three different types of cones are


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Computer Graphics Trivia Quiz

Computer Graphics Question and Answer PDF Online

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