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MCQ quiz on Data Science multiple choice questions and answers on data science MCQ questions quiz on data science objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Data Science Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is most important language for Data Science ?

2. Which of the following approach should be used to ask Data Analysis question ?

3. Which is the correct statement:

4. Which of the following uses data on some object to predict values for other object ?

5. Which of the following is common goal of statistical modelling ?

6. Which of the following model is usually gold standard for data analysis ?

7. Which of the following model model include a backwards elimination feature selection routine?

8. Which of the following is a categorical outcome?

9. Which of the following can be used to impute data sets based only on information in the training set ?

10. Which of the following analysis is usually modeled by deterministic set of equations ?

11. Which of the following analysis are incredibly hard to infer ?

12. Which of the following is characteristic of best machine learning method ?

13. Which of the following characteristic of big data is relatively more concerned to data science ?

14. Which of the following step is performed by data scientist after acquiring the data ?

15. Which of the following focuses on the discovery of (previously) unknown properties on the data ?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Data Science

Data Science Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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