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MCQ quiz on OSI Layers multiple choice questions and answers on OSI Layers MCQ questions quiz on OSI Layers objectives questions with answer test pdf.

OSI Layers Questions with Answers

1. How many layers does OSI Reference Model has?

2. The physical layer concerns with

3. Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?

4. Bits can be send over guided and unguided media as analog signal by

5. The portion of physical layer that interfaces with the media access control sublayer is called

6. physical layer provides

7. In asynchronous serial communication the physical layer provides

8. The physical layer is responsible for

9. The physical layer translates logical communication requests from the ______ into hardware specific operations.

10. A single channel is shared by multiple signals by

11. Wireless transmission can be done via

12. The network layer concerns with

13. Which one of the following is not a function of network layer?

14. The 4 byte IP address consists of

15. In virtual circuit network each packet contains

16. Which one of the following routing algorithm can be used for network layer design?

17. Multidestination routing

18. A subset of a network that includes all the routers but contains no loops is called

19. Which one of the following algorithm is not used for congestion control?

20. The network layer protocol of internet is

21. ICMP is primarily used for

22. Transport layer aggregates data from different applications into a single stream before passing it to

23. Which one of the following is a transport layer protocol used in internet?

24. User datagram protocol is called connectionless because

25. Transmission control protocol is

26. An endpoint of an inter-process communication flow across a computer network is called

27. Socket-style API for windows is called

28. A _____ is a TCP name for a transport service access point.

29. Transport layer protocols deals with

30. Which one of the following is a transport layer protocol?

31. The ____ translates internet domain and host names to IP address.

32. Which one of the following allows a user at one site to establish a connection to another site and then pass keystrokes from local host to remote host?

33. Application layer protocol defines

34. Which one of the following protocol delivers/stores mail to reciever server?

35. The ASCII encoding of binary data is called

36. Which one of the following is an internet standard protocol for managing devices on IP network?

37. Which one of the following is not an application layer protocol?

38. Which protocol is a signalling communication protocol used for controlling multimedia communication sessions?

39. Which one of the following is not correct?

40. When displaying a web page, the application layer uses the

41. Application developer has permission to decide the following on transport layer side

42. Application layer offers _______ service

43. E-mail is

44. Pick the odd one out

45. Which of the following is an application layer service ?

46. To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host, the _______ address must be consulted

47. This is a time-sensitive service

48. Transport services available to applications in one or another form

49. Electronic mail uses this Application layer protocol


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on OSI Layers

OSI Layers Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

OSI Layers Trivia Quiz

OSI Layers Question and Answer PDF Online

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