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SEO Quiz Question with Answer

1. A friendly URL is

  1. The URL with cryptic text ad a lot of numbers
  2. Short, with recognizable text
  3. Short, with recognizable text and relevant keywords
  4. None of the abve

2. Domain authority is a metric maintained by?

  1. Google
  2. Moz
  3. Bing
  4. None of the abve

3. Followerwonk is a tool that allows you to

  1. search internet data for other websites like yours
  2. follow competitors keyword searches
  3. search the bios of Twitter users
  4. None of the abve

4. Google is more inclined towards keywords found

  1. in the middle of title tags
  2. at the ending of title tags
  3. in the beginning of title tags
  4. None of the abve

5. Google prefers lengthy content over content that contains approximately

  1. 1500 words
  2. 3000 words
  3. 500 words
  4. None of the abve

6. Google webmaster tools can help you with

  1. determining missing or duplicate meta description or title tag
  2. providing keyword ideas
  3. monitoring competitors
  4. None of the abve

7. How do sitemaps help a website with search engines?

  1. Google and Yahoo! Give higher rankings to websites with better sitemaps
  2. they help users understand a website better
  3. search engine spiders can reach more pages on a website because of sitemaps
  4. None of the abve

8. If someone wants to get more deep-linking for the website, what type of links are they asking for?

  1. Links that are gotten from influential websites
  2. Links that point to particular pages well inside their site structure
  3. Links that point to the brand information of your website
  4. None of the abve

9. If you want to create friendly URL, which character should you use to separate words in such URL?

  1. Hyphen (-)
  2. Underscore (_)
  3. Space (%20%)
  4. None of the abve

10. If you were to use keywords in the same color as the background of your website, thus hiding them, what kind of SEO technique would you be practicing?

  1. Leverage branding
  2. White hat SEO
  3. Black hat SEO
  4. None of the abve

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