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Get ready for your HTML5 tests and exams with our comprehensive collection of HTML5 MCQ multiple choice questions and answers, available online and in PDF format. Whether you're a novice looking to master HTML5 or a seasoned developer aiming to enhance your skills, our curated set of questions covers a wide range of HTML5 topics, including semantic elements, new input types, multimedia, canvas, local storage, and more. Our resources provide an effective way to assess your HTML5 knowledge, pinpoint areas for improvement, and boost your confidence before the exam. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations to facilitate better understanding of HTML5 concepts. Access our online HTML5 MCQs from anywhere, anytime, or download the PDF version for convenient offline studying. Start preparing for your HTML5 tests and exams with our user-friendly and comprehensive MCQ resources today!

HTML5 Questions with Answers

1. Which element in HTML5 is used to indicate that text has been added to the document.

2. Which of the following input control is used for input fields that should contain an URL address in Web Form 2.0?

3. The HTML5 element used to draw graphics via scripting is

4. The value of -------------- attribute is a URL that designates a source document or message for the information inserted.

5. <legend> is used to assign a caption to a set of form fields as defined by a ------------------ element.

6. The element to specify a list of predefined options for input controls is

7. ---------------- attribute used in <table> element sets the width, in pixels, between the edge of a cell and its individual cells.

8. Which value of Socket.readyState atribute of WebSocket indicates that the connection has been closed or could not be opened?

9. The ----------- attribute specifies the number of columns in the table and is used to help quickly calculate the size of the table.

10. The attribute --------------- in table is used to provide a text summary of the tables purpose and structure.

11. attribute used in <tbody> element contains an offset as a positive or negative integer to align characters as related to the char value.

12. The -------------- attribute used in <td> element might useful when attempting to display large tables on small screens.

13. The tag used to define navigation links is

14. The tag to specify illustrations, diagrams, photos is


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HTML5 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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