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Data Mining Question with Answer

1. How much percentage of the interesting information can be obtained by using SQL.

  1. 80
  2. 70
  3. 40
  4. 50

2. The un-normalized relation containing all attributes that exist in database is

  1. actual relation.
  2. transparent relation.
  3. verified relation.
  4. universal relation.

3. Enrichment means

  1. adding external data.
  2. deleting data.
  3. cleaning data.
  4. selecting the data.

4. The system that can be used without knowledge of internal operation

  1. black box.
  2. white box.
  3. case based learning.
  4. bias.

5. The distance between two points that is calculated using Pythagoras theorem is

  1. cartesian distance.
  2. eucledian distance.
  3. extendable distance.
  4. heuristic distance.

6. Which of the following is closely related to statistical significance and transparency?

  1. Classification Accuracy.
  2. Transparency.
  3. Statistical significance.
  4. Search Complexity.

7. What is a creative activity that has to be performed repeatedly in order to get best results.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Reporting
  3. Coding.
  4. Selection.

8. The decision support system is used only for

  1. cleaning.
  2. coding.
  3. selecting.
  4. queries.

9. Deep knowledge can be found only by using

  1. clues.
  2. OLAP.
  3. SQL.
  4. algorithm

10. Foreign key constraints are also referred as

  1. consistency constraints.
  2. referential integrity.
  3. conditional integrity.
  4. domain constraints.

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