Data Mining MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Data Mining MCQs questions answers

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MCQ quiz on Data Mining multiple choice questions and answers on data mining MCQ questions quiz on data mining objectives questions with answer test pdf.

Data Mining Questions with Answers

1. How much percentage of the interesting information can be obtained by using SQL.

2. The un-normalized relation containing all attributes that exist in database is

3. Enrichment means

4. The system that can be used without knowledge of internal operation

5. The distance between two points that is calculated using Pythagoras theorem is

6. Which of the following is closely related to statistical significance and transparency?

7. What is a creative activity that has to be performed repeatedly in order to get best results.

8. The decision support system is used only for

9. Deep knowledge can be found only by using

10. Foreign key constraints are also referred as

11. What are the two important qualities of good learning algorithm.

12. Metadata describes

13. What itself has become a production factor of importance.

14. The partition of overall data warehouse is

15. DSS stands for

16. Which one is an example for case based-learning.

17. Redundancy refers to the elements of a message that can be derived from other parts of

18. Data mining algorithms require

19. The next stage to data selection in KDD process

20. What is the first stage in genetic algorithm.

21. EIS stands for

22. A coding operation in which an attribute with cardinality n is replaced by n binary attributes is called as

23. What is one of the genetic operators that are used to recombine the population of genetic material.

24. A database containing volatile data used for daily operation of an organization is

25. The technique of learning by generalizing from examples is

26. Genetic algorithm was proposed by

27. Which is the technique which is used for discovering patterns in dataset at the beginning of data mining process.

28. A natural way to visualize the process of training a self-organizing map is called

29. K-nearest neighbor is one of the

30. The complexity of data mining algorithm is represented by

31. Which multiprocessing machines share same hard disk and internal memory.

32. Which is the relationship between compressibility and learnability.

33. A trivial result that is obtained by an extremely simple method is called

34. The algorithm that need to access a table several times during execution is

35. In K-nearest neighbor algorithm K stands for

36. Which one of the following is not a part of empirical cycle in scientific research?

37. OLAP stands for

38. The intermediate unit in perceptron is

39. What is a planning optimization application written for KLM

40. The set of attribute in a database that refers to data in another table is called

41. Translation of problem to learning technique is called as

42. In KDD and data mining, noise is referred to as

43. What is used to load the information from operational database.

44. Hidden knowledge can be found by using

45. What is the heart of knowledge discovery in database process.

46. OLAP is used to explore the ___________ knowledge.

47. The DB vendor who is able to operate massively parallel computers is

48. SQL helps to find

49. The ever increasing amount of data is compared to that of infinite library by Jorge Louis Borges in his short stories namely

50. In which approach data ware house is build first and all information needed is selected.


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Data Mining

Data Mining Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Data Mining Trivia Quiz

Data Mining Question and Answer PDF Online

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