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Deadlock Questions with Answers

1. Invoking periodically to test for deadlock is one of the way for deadlock ................

2. For effective operating system, when to check for deadlock?

3. With deadlock detection, requested resources are granted to

4. A problem encountered in multitasking when a process is perpetually denied necessary resources is called

5. A direct method of deadlock prevention is to prevent the occurrence of a ......................

6. Which one of the following is a visual ( mathematical ) way to determine the deadlock occurrence

7. Deadlock prevention strategies are very

8. To avoid deadlock

9. Deadlock avoidance requires knowledge of future

10. With ............. a decision is made dynamically whether the current resource allocation request will, if granted potentially lead to deadlock.

11. The number of resources requested by a process

12. An unsafe state is of course a state that is not

13. Deadlock prevention is a set of methods

14. In order to ............. the deadlock do not grant an incremental resource request to a process if this allocation might lead to deadlock


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Deadlock

Deadlock Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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