Memory Management MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Memory Management MCQs questions answers

Test Your Skills in Memory Management Quiz Online

Delve into the intricate world of memory management with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and answers. Whether you're a computer science student, a software developer, or an IT professional seeking to deepen your understanding of memory allocation and optimization, our repository offers a wealth of insights. Explore topics such as memory hierarchy, virtual memory, memory allocation algorithms, and memory fragmentation. Each MCQ is meticulously crafted to test your knowledge and critical thinking skills in this fundamental aspect of computer systems. From understanding the role of operating systems in memory management to exploring advanced concepts like paging and segmentation, our MCQs provide a dynamic learning experience to help you master memory management concepts.

Memory Management Questions with Answers

1. .............. is based on the use of one or both of two basic techniques: segmentation and paging.

2. A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called

3. A process may be loaded into a partition of equal or greater size in .............. of memory.

4. Among all memory management techniques .............. is simple to implement little operating system overhead.

5. Any .............. mechanism must have the flexibility to allow several processes to access the same portion of main memory.

6. CPU fetches the instruction from memory according to the value of

7. Having a small amount of internal fragmentation is the weakness of .............. in memory management.

8. In .............. , there is a improved memory utilization and reduced overhead compared to dynamic partitioning.

9. In .............. , there is a inefficient use of memory due to internal fragmentation.

10. In .............. , there is a inefficient use of processor due to the need for compaction to counter external fragmentation.

11. In .............. , there is not necessary to load all of the segments of a process and non resident segments that are needed are brought in later automatically.

12. In .............. technique, each process is divided into a number of segments and process loaded by loading all of its segments into dynamic partitions that need not be contiguous.

13. In .............. there is no internal fragmentation and is more efficient use of main memory.

14. In almost all modern multi programming systems, principal operation of memory management involves a sophisticated scheme known as ..............

15. Increasing the RAM of a computer typically improves performance because:

16. Main memory in a computer system is .............. as a linear or one dimensional, address space, consisting of a sequence of bytes or words.

17. Memory management technique in which system stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory is called

18. Operating System maintains the page table for

19. Page fault occurs when

20. Program always deals with

21. Run time mapping from virtual to physical address is done by

22. Satisfaction of the relocation requirement increases the difficulty or satisfying the ......... requirement.

23. The .............. requirement must be satisfied by the processor rather than the operating system, because the operating system cannot anticipate all of the memory references that the program will make.

24. The address of a page table in memory is pointed by

25. The memory management system must therefore allow controlled access to .............. areas of memory without compromising essential protection.

26. The page table contains

27. Thrashing occurs when

28. Virtual memory is

29. What is compaction?

30. What is the swap space in the disk used for?

31. Which of the following page replacement algorithms suffers from Beladys anomaly?

32. Which one of the following is the address generated by CPU?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Memory Management

Memory Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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