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Ethical Hacking Quiz Question with Answer

1. What is the primary goal of an Ethical Hacker?

  1. Avoiding detection
  2. Determining return on investment (ROI) for security measures
  3. Resolving security vulnerabilities
  4. Testing security controls

2. An Ethical Hacker is asked to perform a penetration test for a client and all he has received is a URL. What kind of test is this?

  1. Black box penetration test
  2. Black hat hacking test
  3. White box penetration test

3. Someone has breached a website and managed to keep it a secret. The hack was not part of an assignment and there was no permission. What is this person called?

  1. Black hat hacker
  2. Hacktivist
  3. Scriptkiddie
  4. White hat hacker

4. You are not sure what the MAC address is of your WiFi network. After being advised to use Airodump-NG, what network should you look for?

  1. BSSID
  2. ESSID
  3. SSID

5. You have saved the output of an Nmap scan in XML format. What should you use to import the scan results within Metasploit?

  1. db_import
  2. nmap_import
  3. scan_import

6. What can be used to create a connection between your machine and the website you have your R57 shell running on?

  1. Eval function
  2. Backconnect shell
  3. Command include

7. A tester is conducting a penetration test on a web server. She begins the test with a banner grabbing attack. She has already verified that the web server is running a Linux distribution. However, the HTTP banner reports that it is running IIS version 8. What type of defense is the web server administrator using?

  1. Folder redirection
  2. Port obfuscation
  3. Process redirection
  4. Service spoofing

8. An ethical hacker is trying to breach a website through SQL Injection. He also changed his User-Agent HTTP header, sent by his browser.What can he achieve with this action?

  1. He acquires a matching SSL connection.
  2. He obtains better performance of the website so that it responds faster to his requests.
  3. He prevents forensics from revealing his real browser that was used during the attack

9. What is a function of the R57 shell?

  1. Implementing a web-based version of Metasploit
  2. Viewing and transferring files
  3. Viewing the webcams of visitors towards the website

10. You are trying to find out which of your plugged in network adapters supports WiFi. What command should you use in your terminal window?

  1. iwconfig
  2. wificards
  3. wireshark

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