Zend Framework in PHP MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Zend Framework in PHP MCQs questions answers

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Prepare yourself for your next interview with our comprehensive collection of Zend Framework in PHP Interview Questions and Answers. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey in PHP development, our curated list covers a wide range of topics related to the Zend Framework. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, our interview questions are designed to test your understanding and proficiency in using Zend Framework for PHP web development. With detailed explanations accompanying each question, you'll not only be able to assess your knowledge but also learn new concepts along the way. Boost your confidence and ace your interview by mastering Zend Framework with our Interview Questions and Answers resource today!

Zend Framework in PHP Questions with Answers

1. ZendAcl supports _____ inheritance among Resource objects.

2. Zend_Auth throws an exception upon an unsuccessful authentication attempt due to invalid credentials (e.g., the username does not exist).

3. Is the following class name valid?: My Foo 123

4. The filename “Zend/Db/Table.php” must map to the class name _______?

5. ZendDb contains a factory() method by which you may instantiate a database adapter object

6. Zend DB Select supports querying columns containing expressions (e.g., LOWER(someColumn))

7. Which for-matters are provided with Zend Log?

8. Validators used with Zend Form should implement which class?

9. Which method of Zend Locale will check if a given string is a locale?

10. Which Zend Date constant should you use when you want to have the date formatted for an RS3 feed?

11. With quotas enabled which methods might fail because you are over quota?

12. Front Controller plugins and Action Helpers share what common feature?

13. Zend Rest Client expects a REST service that returns what type of content?

14. XML-RPC fault responses are reported by Zend XmlRpc Client by:

15. Zend Auth will, regardless of the adapter used to process identities and credentials, will encrypt the information sent from the browser to the application using it.

16. When using Zerid_View with unescaped data, which of the following view script calls would escape your data, $data:

17. How to get full list of indexed fields from the index?

18. Which method should be used to retrieve total number of documents stored in the index (including deleted documents)?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Zend Framework in PHP

Zend Framework in PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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