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Software Engineering Quiz Question with Answer

1. The level at which the software uses scarce resources is

  1. efficiency
  2. portability
  3. reliability
  4. all of the above

2. The most important feature of spiral model is

  1. risk management
  2. quality management
  3. requirement analysis
  4. configuration management

3. Which is not a step of requirement engineering?

  1. Requirements analysis
  2. Requirements design
  3. Requirements elicitation
  4. Requirements documentation

4. Structured charts are a product of

  1. requirements analysis
  2. design
  3. requirements gathering
  4. coding

5. Modules X and Y operate on the same input and output data, then the cohesion is

  1. Communicational
  2. Procedural
  3. Sequential
  4. Logical

6. Site for Alpha Testing is

  1. Installation place
  2. Any where
  3. Software Company
  4. None of the above

7. IEEE 830-1993 is a IEEE recommended standard for

  1. Software design
  2. Testing
  3. Software requirement specification
  4. Both (A) and (B)

8. SRD stands for

  1. Structured requirements definition
  2. Software requirements diagram
  3. Software requirements definition
  4. Structured requirements diagram

9. Output comparators are used in

  1. dynamic testing of single module
  2. static testing of single and multiple module
  3. static testing of single module
  4. dynamic testing of single and multiple module

10. ER model shows the

  1. Functional view
  2. Dynamic view
  3. Static view
  4. All the above

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