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Software Engineering MCQs questions answers

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Software Engineering multiple choice questions and answers on Software Engineering MCQ questions quiz on Software Engineering objectives questions.

Software Engineering Questions with Answers

1. The level at which the software uses scarce resources is

2. The most important feature of spiral model is

3. Which is not a step of requirement engineering?

4. Structured charts are a product of

5. Modules X and Y operate on the same input and output data, then the cohesion is

6. Site for Alpha Testing is

7. IEEE 830-1993 is a IEEE recommended standard for

8. SRD stands for

9. Output comparators are used in

10. ER model shows the

11. Which of the following quality of SRS document ensures to compare the results of a phase with another phase ?

12. Who writes the Software Requirement Specifications Document(SRS)?

13. Requirements can be refined using

14. What is the goal of the requirements analysis and specifications phase of software development life cycle ?

15. One of the fault base testing techniques is

16. If every requirement can be checked by a cost-effective process, then the SRS is

17. SRS is also known as specification of

18. What is noise in terms of software development ?

19. Alpha and Beta Testing are forms of

20. The testing that focuses on the variables is called

21. The tools that support different stages of software development life cycle are called:

22. Which phase is not available in software life cycle?

23. Which of the following is not a desirable characteristic of SRS document ?

24. An object encapsulates

25. A cross life-cycle activity of system development is

26. The worst type of coupling is

27. A decision table consist of two parts

28. As the reliability increases, failure intensity

29. A good requirement specification should be

30. What are the three generic phases of software engineering?

31. Coding and testing can be done in

32. The main purpose of integration testing is to find

33. Following software process model can be represented schematically as a series of major technical activities and there associated state?

34. Top down approach is used for

35. If limited user participation is available, which model is to be selected

36. What is the final outcome of the requirements analysis and specifications phase ?

37. In which phase procedure development occurs?

38. Which of the following is not an attribute of software engineering

39. Milestones are used to

40. The spiral model of software development

41. Software Quality is

42. The goal of reading SRS document by the software developer is to :

43. Software testing techniques are most effective if applied immediately after

44. FAST stands for

45. The black box concepts

46. Which of the following is not included in the Software Requirements Specification(SRS) Document ?

47. The largest percentage of total life cycle cost of software is

48. In the spiral model risk analysis is performed

49. The objective of testing is

50. The ISO quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering is


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Software Engineering

Software Engineering Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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