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Mobile Communication Quiz Question with Answer

1. .............. is connected to transit networks.

  2. GSM PL

2. ................... has exactly same function as T-DUnitdata on the WDP layer.

  1. SEC- Create
  2. SEC- commitreq
  3. SEC- Unitdata
  4. SEC- Exchange primitive

3. ................... provides a shared state between a client and a server to optimize content transfer.

  1. Wireless Session Protocol (WSP)
  2. Wireless Transaction protocol (WTP)
  3. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  4. Wireless Datagram protocol (WDP)

4. .......................refers to a satellite system together with gateways and fixed terrestrial networks.

  1. Routing
  2. Localization
  3. Handover
  4. GEO

5. the primary goal of GSM.

  1. Analogy service
  2. Telephone service
  3. Radiology service
  4. Digital service

6. ................allows a user to move from one spot beam of a satellite to another spot beam of the same satellite.

  1. Inter - satellite handover
  2. Intra - satellite handover
  3. Gateway handover
  4. Inter - system handover

7. ................takes place between satellites if they support ISLs.

  1. Inter - satellite handover
  2. Intra - satellite handover
  3. Gateway handover
  4. Inter - system handover

8. A .................has additional connections to other fixed networks such as PSTN & ISDN

  1. gateway NSS
  2. gateway MSC
  3. gateway PSS
  4. gateway MSS

9. A connected to the GSM public land mobile network.

  1. mobile station MS
  2. mode station MS
  3. mobile system MS
  4. mobile signal MS

10. A database for all IMEIs is

  1. FIR
  2. PIR
  3. SIR
  4. EIR

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