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PHP Questions with Answers

1. What does isset() function do in PHP?

2. What does sprintf() function do in PHP?

3. What does the PHP Interpreter do?

4. What is the use of strlen( ) function in PHP?

5. What is the use of strpos( ) function in PHP?

6. What will be the result of combining a string with another data type in PHP?

7. Where session_start() function must appear in PHP?

8. Where setcookie( ) function must appear in PHP?

9. Which function displays the information about PHP?

10. Which of the following is not PHP Loops?

11. Which of the following is not the scope of Variable in PHP?

12. Which of the following is the Concatenation Operator in PHP?

13. Which of the following is used to add comments in PHP?

14. Which of the following statements prints in PHP?

15. What does the hash (#) sign mean in PHP?

16. Data for a cookie stored in ___________ in PHP?

17. How PHP files can be accessed?

18. How to define a variable in PHP?

19. In PHP a variable needs to be declare before assign

20. In PHP Language variables are case sensitive

21. In PHP Language variables name starts with ___________

22. In PHP, each statement must be end with ___________

23. PHP is ___________ scripting language.

24. PHP is a ___________ typed language.

25. PHP scripts are executed on ___________________

26. PHP Scripts starts with _________________

27. The uses of strcmp( ) function in PHP?

28. Variables are case-sensitive in PHP?

29. What does fopen() function do in PHP?

30. What does PHP stand for?

31. Who is the father of PHP Scripting Language?

32. What is the default file extension of PHP programming files

33. Which of the looping statements is/are supported by PHP?

34. Which of the following must be installed on your computer so as to run PHP script? i) Adobe Dreamweaver ii) PHP iii) Apache iv) IIS

35. Which version of PHP introduced Try/catch Exception?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on PHP

PHP Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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