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Ace your Java programming exam and interview tests with our extensive collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) available online and in PDF format. Whether you're a fresher gearing up for Java programming assessments or an experienced developer looking to brush up on your skills, our comprehensive set of questions covers a wide range of topics, including Java basics, object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts, data types, control structures, exception handling, multithreading, collections, and more. Our meticulously crafted resources provide a convenient way to assess your Java knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and boost your confidence for the exam and interview. Each question is accompanied by detailed explanations to deepen your understanding of Java programming principles. Access our online Java MCQs anytime, anywhere, or download the PDF version for offline studying. Start mastering Java programming and excel in your assessments and interviews with our invaluable MCQ resources today!

Java Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is TRUE?

2. A constructor

3. Which of the following may be part of a class definition?

4. What is different between a Java applet and a Java application?

5. What is byte code in the context of Java?

6. What is garbage collection in the context of Java?

7. JDK stands for

8. JVM is a

9. Bytecode is given as input to

10. Output of Java Compiler is

11. Output of Java Compiler is executable

12. Bytecode is a set of highly optimizable code. True or false

13. The JVM needs to be implemented for each platform

14. JVM will differ from platform to platform but still all understand the Same Java Bytecode

15. The compiler and other java development tools reside in _________ sub-folder.

16. The library containing the files needed to integrate Java with programs written in other languages resides inside following sub folder.

17. We can set class path of java by setting following variable.

18. Variable path in Windows Operating System is called as ________.

19. Environment Variable can be set by right clicking __________ icon and then clicking on Properties menu in Windows OS.

20. Arrange the following statements in correct order. 1. Running the java command Statement. 2. Main method of that class is executed Statement. 3. JRE is loaded along with the class you specify.

21. We can compile java program with following command

22. Class file must have extension ______.

23. The name of the class file is created automatically when you compile the program with the javac command.

24. _______ is a compiled Java program that can be executed by the _______ command.

25. Java source code is compiled into _______.

26. Which of the tool is used to compile java code?

27. Which of the following tool used to execute java code.

28. Which of the following is used to interpret and execute Java Applet Classes hosted by HTML.

29. HTML based Java Documentary help can be accessed using

30. jar stands for ________.

31. Which of the following is used to see the details of the compilation

32. Which of the following is not a keyword in Java.

33. Which of the following is not a keyword in Java.

34. We can write comment like this jn Java Programming: /* /* comment 1 */ comment 2 */

35. What is Literal in Java Programming?

36. It is possible to assign a literal to a variableof a primitive type.

37. boolean result = true; Which type of literal is assigned to the variable result?

38. Which type of literal is written in pair of single quote?

39. An integer literal is of type long if and only if it has suffix - ______ in Java programming.

40. ____ literal is used to create values of the integral types byte, short, int and long.

41. Number system whose digits consists of the numbers 0 through 9 is called as ____________.

42. Question 244 Hexa Decimal Numbers are having base _________.

43. In Java programming you can create binary literal in ______________.

44. Integer literal containing value "F" comes under _______ system.

45. Following example of Nested Comments is allowed in Java Programming Language. // /*Nesting of Comment */

46. Single line comments starts with _____ in Java.

47. Folllowing is the human readable in Java Programming Language.

48. Which of the following converts human readable file into platform independent code file in Java?

49. Platform independent code file created from source file ins understandable by ________.

50. JVM stands for _____.


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