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Software Testing Quiz Question with Answer

1. Which testing is concerned with behaviour of whole product as per specified requirements?

  1. Component testing
  2. System testing
  3. Acceptance testing
  4. Integration testing

2. Which of the following is the form of Alpha and Beta Testing?

  1. System Testing
  2. Unit Testing
  3. Acceptance Testing
  4. Integration Testing

3. What is Cyclomatic Complexity?

  1. White box testing
  2. Grey box testing
  3. Black box testing
  4. Combination of all

4. Abbreviate the term CMMI.

  1. Capability Managed Maturity Integration
  2. Capability Maturity Model Integrator
  3. Capability Maturity Modification integration
  4. Capability Maturity Model Integration

5. Which of the following can be found using Static Testing Techniques?

  1. Failure
  2. Both A & B
  3. Defect
  4. None

6. What is the main purpose of integration testing?

  1. Interface errors
  2. Procedure errors
  3. Design errors
  4. None of the above

7. A program with high cyclometic complexity is almost likely to be:

  1. Small
  2. Difficult to write
  3. Difficult to test
  4. Large

8. Which of the following would NOT normally form part of a test plan?

  1. Risks
  2. Incident reports
  3. Features to be tested
  4. Schedule

9. Reactive Risk Management is sometimes described as .............

  1. Solution mode
  2. Uncertain mode
  3. Fire Fighting mode
  4. None of the above

10. A failure is:

  1. A human action that produces an incorrect result
  2. An incorrect step, process or data definition in a computer program
  3. Found in the software; the result of an error
  4. Departure from specified behavior

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