The benefits of using digital signatures in a PDF editor

For too long, the hassles of passing documents around tables, offices, cities, or countries to collect shareholders signatures have been the bane of prompt decision-making and execution of brilliant projects. But the covid-19 era showed that business owners could streamline and digitise recurring tasks, like validating documents.

In fact, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, the Chairman of Tata group, said:

“Going digital is no longer an option; it is the default.”

In this evolving digital age, companies that stay flexible and ready to adapt to innovations remain ahead of the curve. So, post-pandemic, competitive businesses in the financial, entertainment, education, and even health industries, have enjoyed the added advantages of knowing how to sign a pdf file.

The feature leverages our world’s existing interconnectivity to simplify and automate everyday decision-making. If you are looking to learn more about why and how to sign digital documents, we will be discussing its benefits

1. Enhanced Security and Authentication

Files shared in organizations, and firms are official and lawfully binding and should be kept secure. But when they must be passed around to collect signatures, it may be tricky to ensure they get to the signer’s destinations at the appropriate time, and through the correct route. This is because they could be damaged, stolen, lost, or compromised in the course of the transfers.

With digital signatures, the process can take one-fourth the time for physical transfer, depending on the number of signatures required. So, even with a strict deadline, you can gather all the documents you need to be signed, have the signatures, and get them back all signed in record time.

Learning how to sign a pdf document digitally also eliminates the chances of sending out copies for signatures and having them returned without some required signatures or having signatures in the wrong sections.

With digital signatures, you can set compulsory fields for each individual, so they know they should append their signature and exactly where it is needed.

That’s not all.

With its robust encryptions, you can ensure the security of your documents, so anyone who should not be privy to the contents would not have viewing access without your approval. Plus, you can monitor the signing flow with a reliable digital signature tool. The tool will let you view every change made to the file, so you are 100% sure the document has not been altered.

Paper is fragile, and if it has to be passed around, it can get damaged or soiled with time. Fortunately, knowing how to sign on pdf solves all these potential challenges.

2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Let’s face facts: getting several signatures on a file via the paper-ink method is often tiresome, especially when your team or business partners are in different cities or even countries.

You may have to organize the documents, print, fax, or send them via courier services and wait for the recipients to get them. Then repeat the process for as many signatures as you need on those documents.

However, if you know how to sign pdf documents, you can skip all those challenges and sign a file in seconds. With an esigning tool, you can save valuable time and focus on more critical businesses.

With the increased efficiency in collecting signatures, productivity will also speed up since decisions will be made and documented faster, allowing activities to kick off and progress in record time.

You can as well reduce the time spent on recurring responsibilities. For example, you could explore the template feature in your signature tool for documents you use daily. Then develop a base document and save it as a template. So when you need it, you can select edit pdf to adjust details to suit the particular use case.

3. Cost Savings and Environmental Benefits

You must reduce expenditure and increase productivity to ensure your company’s existence and growth. Employing electronic signatures can eliminate the cost of writing, Xeroxing, and printing materials for a paper-ink system for appending signatures on a document.

You can save the cost of sending documents you need signed and significantly reduce piles of paperwork on desks. Plus, you can eliminate the extra cost of correcting errors while collecting signatures on documents.

Besides saving costs, when you sign pdf online, you aid in preserving the environment. Working paperless can portray your company as socially conscious, especially with the increasing challenges of deforestation. Since clients are also environmentally aware of these problems, they will be inclined to do business with just as eco-friendly companies.

Additionally, with the constant increase in esignature adoption, your company could appear archaic, rigid, or insensitive if you don’t embrace the new normal.

4. Streamlined Workflows and Faster Signing Processes

Decision-making for remote teams or organizations is often tedious, with multiple documents to be signed and approved. Sometimes brilliant suggestions could get lost in the extended time between approval and execution.

Electronic signatures will quicken the process once the stakeholders learn how to sign pdf easily and promote seamless workflow to bridge this gap.

A reliable E-signatures tool will streamline the signing process, allowing you to import the PDF, set the mandatory signature field, and share with all approved signers, including yourself. After collecting every signature, it will send the completely signed document to all the signers.

5. Global Acceptance and Legality of Digital Signatures

Digitally signed documents are accorded the lawful standing as wet-ink signatures on any files, and they are backed by The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act)

In fact, when you learn how to digitally sign a pdf, you can enjoy the added security advantage, with thorough encryptions on par with those for banks. These ensure maximum confidentiality and biometric signatures to display every signer on the document immediately.

Additionally, esign solutions compel signers to fill in the appropriate fields before they can send the file. That eliminates the chances of documents being returned with omitted or wrongly filled fields. Plus, even the approved signers cannot adjust or shuffle the file’s content without your approval.

6. User-Friendly and Convenient Signing Experience

Knowing how to sign a pdf form is pretty straightforward. There are reliable online tools to aid you in developing your customized e-signature. As soon as you become conversant with the process, you can employ it when adding your signature on any file or device.

Your clients will also appreciate the convenience esignatures offer. And considering the importance of client satisfaction for your company’s growth, you should learn how to sign a pdf electronically to make your work relationships more efficient.

Plus, streamlining the signing process demonstrates that you respect the value of people’s time.

According to Richard Stallman, an American computer programmer,

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.”

Since anyone can complete this process on any device, remote teams, global business partners, and international stakeholders can access and act on documents with an internet-enabled device, regardless of location.

In summary

The ability to digitally sign pdf is an innovative technology that has streamlined workflow with numerous advantages. Besides cutting expenditures, saving time, and improving productivity, when you electronically sign pdf, you will increase revenue and ensure the security of your document – all while preserving the environment!

With a reliable and robust digital signature tool like Luminpdf, your work process will get faster, easier, and cluster-free regardless of industry or work type.

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