Unix Quiz Question with Answer

11. Each entry in inode table is of size

  1. 64 kb
  2. 32kb
  3. 32 bytes
  4. 64 bytes

12. For a person to receive messages he should have his terminal set to a parameter which will allow him receive messages.The command to set this parameter is

  1. message –on
  2. msg –o
  3. mesg –y
  4. message–y

13. Hierarchy decides which operator

  1. Is most important
  2. Is used first
  3. Is fastest
  4. Operates on largest numbers

14. If the user has read a news item he cannot read it again because of creation of the file

  1. _news_time
  2. news.time
  3. .news.time
  4. .news_time

15. If there are three links for a file then the number of copies of the file would be

  1. One
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

16. In vi editor, forward search is performed using the command.

  1. :pat
  2. :pat
  3. /pat
  4. All of the above

17. On executing a statement set -3+1

  1. $1 would be -3
  2. $1 would be –
  3. $1 would be set
  4. This command would result into an error

18. On executing the command Shift $v

  1. The positional parameters would be shifted by the value of the variable v
  2. The positional parameters would be shifted by 1
  3. The positional parameters would not be shifted at all
  4. This command would result into an error

19. Shell Program is stored in a file called

  1. Unix
  2. Sh
  3. Dd
  4. Cc

20. The break statement is used to exit from

  1. An if statement
  2. A for loop
  3. A program
  4. None of the above

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