Android MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. Android system assigns each application a unique ID that is called_____________

  1. Linux user ID.
  2. Google user ID
  3. Mac user ID
  4. Firefox user ID

82. Linux user ID is assigned to each application by android system to

  1. track the application
  2. track the activity
  3. track the services
  4. None of these

83. __________ controls life cycle of activities and manages activity stack level requirements.

  1. Windows Manager
  2. Content Provider
  3. Activity Manager
  4. None of these

84. _____________ is a program that obeys our keyboard input from the user and performs actions as directed by the user

  1. Shell
  2. AVD
  3. JVM
  4. None of these

85. For starting the shell we use the following syntax.

  1. adb shell
  2. adb::shell
  4. adb->shell

86. To uninstall the application through the shell adb ,syntax is____________

  1. adb::uninstall
  2. adb uninstall
  3. adb
  4. adb uninstall

87. Android Framework is described in__________ file

  2. android.jar
  3. android.dex
  4. android.class

88. JSON stands for_______________

  1. JavaScript Object Notation
  2. JavaScript Object Notion
  3. JavaScript Object Number
  4. JavaScript Object Neutral

89. API stands for____________

  1. Application Performance Interface
  2. Application Programming Institute
  3. Application Programming Interface
  4. Application Proposal Interface

90. ___________ provides support for Hyper Text Transfer protocol (HTTP)

  1. org.apache.http.*
  2. org.apache.hhttp.*
  4. None of these

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