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51. An activity can be thought of as corresponding to what?

52. While developing Android applications, developers can test their apps on...

53. What file is responsible for glueing everthing together, explaining what the applicatin consists of, what its main building blocks are, ext...?

54. An Android application is a loose collection of content providers, activities, broadcast receivers, and services.

55. What is Intents ?

56. To create an emulator, you need an AVD. What does it stand for?

57. WAP stands for.......

58. WAP is designed to work for micro browsers on mobiles

59. WAP enables the application development for handheld portable devices

60. WAP is a technical standard for accessing information over a

61. Which among the following are part of Application layer of Android Architecture

62. Which among the following are part of Application Framework layer of Android Architecture

63. Which among the following are part of System Libraries and Android runtime layer of Android Architecture

64. A ___________ makes a specific set of the application’s data available to other applications

65. A ______________ is a component that does nothing but receive and react to broadcast announcements.

66. _________ doesn’t have a visual user interface, but rather runs in the background for an indefinite period of time

67. What are the components of Android

68. Android Application Framework accesses the libraries through____________

69. Data Sharing between applications is managed by

70. DVM is developed by

71. Jelly Bean is popular name for Android Version

72. Webkit is

73. We convert Java class files into Dalvik Executable files using an Android tool called _____________

74. Android platform does not support JAR deployments. Applications are packed into Android Package (.apk) using ________

75. AAPT in Android stands for__________________

76. Android application can only be programmed in _______________.

77. NDK stands for ____________

78. Following is the language used by WAP

79. ADT plugin can be located in Eclipse Menu Bar under

80. AndroidManifest which stores all the activity classes is___________file

81. Android system assigns each application a unique ID that is called_____________

82. Linux user ID is assigned to each application by android system to

83. __________ controls life cycle of activities and manages activity stack level requirements.

84. _____________ is a program that obeys our keyboard input from the user and performs actions as directed by the user

85. For starting the shell we use the following syntax.

86. To uninstall the application through the shell adb ,syntax is____________

87. Android Framework is described in__________ file

88. JSON stands for_______________

89. API stands for____________

90. ___________ provides support for Hyper Text Transfer protocol (HTTP)

91. Which among following are Android Tools ?

92. ________ is a menu driven utility which represents various Android APIs

93. Following is a visual tool in Android for laying out the components

94. Following game is used that demonstrate the drawing and animations in Android

95. _______ view helps to display the log messages of our android device and also it helps to analyze the problems.

96. Android support which Dialog Boxes

97. Collection of one or more activities, services, listeners, and intent receivers is known as

98. _________represents a behavior or a portion of user interface in an Activity

99. Android Applications are of __________________ type

100. Which is not the correct name for an Android Version


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