Constellation Quiz Question with Answer

11. Which of the following is a Zodiac constellation?

  1. Canis Major
  2. Gemini
  3. Cassiopeia
  4. Rigel

12. Which stars do we always see during the year? Stars...

  1. on the horizon
  2. over the North Pole
  3. in the larger constellations
  4. inside other galaxies

13. Why are distances in space often measured in light years?

  1. The light year is a commonly used unit of measure.
  2. Distances in space are so great that a large unit is needed.
  3. Scientists always use metric units like light years.
  4. Light years are easy to measure and understand.

14. Compared to our galaxy, how big is our solar system? The solar system is...

  1. extremely tiny.
  2. about one-tenth of the galaxy.
  3. about one-third of the galaxy.
  4. over half of the galaxy.

15. Early astronomers thought that galaxies were single stars. Why was this mistake easy to make?

  1. Galaxies are so far away that they look like a single star.
  2. Galaxies are made of stars that you can only see one at a time.
  3. Light from galaxies collects into a single beam.
  4. Earth is small and galaxies are much larger.

16. How large is the Milky Way Galaxy?

  1. It is the largest galaxy ever observed.
  2. It takes up over half of the known universe.
  3. It cannot be measured or compared.
  4. It is very small when compared to the universe

17. How were constellations originally named and identified?

  1. as people or animals they may have resembled
  2. mathematically, with numbers and coordinates
  3. in groups of very distant, bright or old stars
  4. by their location from Earths horizon

18. In the southern sky, stars move

  1. clockwise
  2. counter-clockwise
  3. vertically
  4. none of these

19. Our nearest star neighbor in space, Alpha Centauri, is four light years from Earth. Why will it be difficult to visit?

  1. It is very bright and hot.
  2. We are not sure exactly where it is.
  3. There may be no planets near it.
  4. It is very far away.

20. The position of Polaris cannot be used to find

  1. the direction of North
  2. the latitude
  3. the time
  4. the Little Dipper

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