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Dive into the cornerstone of democratic societies with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers on Fundamental Rights. Whether you're a student studying civics, a legal enthusiast, or simply interested in human rights, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as the origin and significance of fundamental rights, their protection under constitutional frameworks, and landmark legal cases that have shaped their interpretation. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the complexities of fundamental rights has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding and upholding these essential rights today!

Fundamental Rights Questions with Answers

1. When Right to Information Act came into force in India?

2. The right to impart and receive information is guaranteed in the Constitution of India by Article:

3. Which of the following amendments took away the right to property from the list of the fundamental rights?

4. In which amendment the right to property the right to property was deleted fromFundamental Rights?

5. Through which constitutional amendment in article 359, it has been laid down that Fundamental Rights under articles 20 and 21 are enforceable during the operation of emergency

6. Which of the following amendments to the Indian Constitution has made Right to Education a Fundamental Right?

7. Fundamental rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution can be suspended only by

8. Article 17 deals with

9. Which Article is related to Equality before law?

10. Which article was known as seven freedoms in our constitution

11. Abolition of Untouchability deals with

12. Freedom of Expression deals with

13. Right to education incorporated in

14. Which article provides protection against arrest and detention

15. Which Article ensures abolition of Untouchability?

16. Which article ensures Abolition of Titles?

17. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India safeguards the rights of Minorities to establish and run educational institutions of their own liking?

18. Right to education relates to

19. Which Article is related with Abolition of Untouchability?

20. Which Fundamental Rights Article is not in operation during the emergency

21. Which Article is for Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases?

22. The Supreme Court has the power to issue writs under

23. Minority rights are given in

24. Which Article is for Protection of interests of Minorities?

25. Which article is related to Equal Justice and free legal aid?

26. Which one of the following writs is issued against an inferior tribunal which has declined to exercise its jurisdiction?

27. Which of the following Fundamental rights is guaranteed only to the citizens

28. Which of the following is not included in Right to Freedom?

29. Article 14 deals with

30. Article 15 deals with

31. Which of the following rights are available to foreigners living in India?

32. Article 20 of the Fundamental Rights represents which subject

33. Who has the power to declare that citizen has no right to move any court for the enforcement of the right conferred by Part 3 of Fundamental Rights during the course of emergency

34. Article 30 of the Indian Constitution deals with the

35. Which of the following rights was considered the Heart and Soul of the Indian Constitution by Dr.B.R.Ambedkar?

36. Article 19 provides six freedoms, which is not among them?

37. Right to education is a

38. Right to vote and to be elected in India is a

39. Which Supreme Court Judgement pronounced that Fundamental Rights cannot be abridged

40. The idea of Fundamental Rights was adopted from

41. Which of the following writs is issued by an appropriate judicial body in order to free a person who has been illegally detained?

42. Righty to Property is now a

43. Fundamental Rights are incorporated in which part of the Constitution?

44. Which part is described by Dr.Ambedkar most criticized part of the Constitution?

45. ……………… is the most fundamental of Fundamental Rights

46. Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Constitution can be suspended

47. Article 14-18 of the Constitution deal with

48. Which among the following is not among six fundamental rights provided by Constitution?

49. Which Fundamental Right deleted by 44th Constitutional amendment?

50. Right to privacy as a Fundamental Right is implied in


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Fundamental Rights

Fundamental Rights Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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