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Fundamental Rights Quiz Question with Answer

1. When Right to Information Act came into force in India?

  1. 10th October 2005
  2. 11th October 2005
  3. 12th October 2005
  4. 13th October 2005

2. The right to impart and receive information is guaranteed in the Constitution of India by Article:

  1. 19 (2) A
  2. 19 (16)
  3. 19 (2)
  4. 19 (1) A

3. Which of the following amendments took away the right to property from the list of the fundamental rights?

  1. 42nd
  2. 44th
  3. 45th
  4. 43rd

4. In which amendment the right to property the right to property was deleted fromFundamental Rights?

  1. 42nd
  2. 44th
  3. 73rd
  4. 48th

5. Through which constitutional amendment in article 359, it has been laid down that Fundamental Rights under articles 20 and 21 are enforceable during the operation of emergency

  1. 44th Amendment Act
  2. 46th Amendment Act
  3. 45th Amendment Act
  4. 48thAmendment Act

6. Which of the following amendments to the Indian Constitution has made Right to Education a Fundamental Right?

  1. 92nd
  2. 94th
  3. 93rd
  4. 91st

7. Fundamental rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution can be suspended only by

  1. A proclamation of an emergency
  2. An Act passed by the Parliament
  3. An amendment of the Constitution
  4. The judicial decision of the Supreme Court

8. Article 17 deals with

  1. Abolition of Titles
  2. Abolition Untouchability
  3. Equality of Participation
  4. Equality of Expression

9. Which Article is related to Equality before law?

  1. Art 13
  2. Art 14
  3. Art 15
  4. Art 16

10. Which article was known as seven freedoms in our constitution

  1. Art. 17
  2. Art. 32
  3. Art. 19
  4. Art. 18

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