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Sound Wave MCQs questions answers

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Dive into the fascinating world of sound waves with our comprehensive collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and answers on Whether you're a student, educator, or enthusiast, our curated selection covers everything from the fundamentals of sound propagation to advanced concepts in acoustics. Explore topics such as wave properties, resonance, Doppler effect, and more, all designed to deepen your understanding of sound phenomena. With our user-friendly interface and regularly updated content, is your ultimate resource for mastering the principles of sound. Start exploring and expand your knowledge today!

Sound Wave Questions with Answers

1. When a wave travels through a medium ______.

2. Bats detect the obstacles in their path by receiving the reflected ______.

3. The minimum distance between the source and the reflector, so that an echo is heard is approximately

4. When sound travels through air, the air particles ______.

5. Sound waves do not travel through

6. Sound waves are _________________ in nature

7. The amplitude of a wave is ______.

8. The speed of sound in medium depends upon

9. Which of the following will remain unchanged when a sound wave travels in air or in water?

10. _______________ is an example for mechanical wave.

11. Which of the following quantities is transferred during wave propagation?

12. A sound wave is produced when an object

13. The wavelength of a wave is measured in

14. An echo occurs when a sound wave is

15. Another name for the unit Hertz is

16. Sound travels fastest in

17. Which of the following does not describe a sound wave?

18. An animal that can hear sound frequencies higher than a human child is

19. Hitting a drum harder makes the sound

20. The part of the ear that responds to sound waves like a microphones diaphragm is the

21. Sounds above 20000Hz are called

22. Sound can travel through?

23. Which of the following voices is likely to have a minimum frequency?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Sound Wave

Sound Wave Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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