Inventions and Discoveries MCQs Quiz Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

Inventions and Discoveries MCQs questions answers

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Explore the fascinating world of human ingenuity and scientific breakthroughs with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers on Inventions and Discoveries. Whether you're a curious learner or a history enthusiast, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide array of inventions and discoveries that have shaped the course of human history. From groundbreaking innovations in technology to pivotal scientific revelations, delve into the stories behind humanity's most significant achievements. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the realm of Inventions and Discoveries has never been more engaging and accessible. Begin your journey of discovery today!

Inventions and Discoveries Questions with Answers

1. Air conditioner was discovered by

2. Analytical Engine was invented by

3. Atomic theory was devised by

4. Bacteria Protozoa was discovered by

5. Toricelli invented

6. The cause of Beri Beri was discovered by

7. Bicycle was invented by

8. Blood Circulation was discovered by

9. The field of activity of J.Bose was

10. Centigrade Thermometer was discovered by

11. Simpson and Harrison are associated with the invention of

12. Cholera Bascillus was invented by

13. Cinematography was invented by

14. D.D.T. was invented by

15. Electrons were discovered by

16. Evolution Theory was discovered by

17. Fahrenheit Thermometer was discovered by

18. Fax machine was invented by

19. Thomas Alva Edison discovered

20. Helicopter was invented by

21. Who discovered Helio-Centric Theory

22. Homoeography was invented by

23. Who discovered Human Body Formation

24. Inert gases were discovered by

25. Lift was invented by

26. Who invented logarithms?

27. Neutron was discovered by

28. Penicillin was invented by Fleming in the year

29. Pneumatic tyre was invented by

30. Who dicovered Printing Machine

31. Reaumur Thermometer was discovered by

32. Revolver discovered by

33. Landstrom invented

34. Elias Home invented

35. Vaccine for Small-Pox was discovered by

36. The Solar System was discoverd by

37. Stethoscope was invented by

38. Streptomycin was invented by

39. Bushwell invented

40. Who designed Suez Canal?

41. Telegrahic code was introduced by

42. Telephone was invented by

43. Television was invented by

44. The theory of Evolution was produced by

45. Thermo Flask was invented by

46. Typewriter was invented by

47. Roentgen discovered

48. Electric bulb was invented by

49. Who discovered Pasteurization, Vaccine for Rabies

50. Aeroplane was discovered by


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Inventions and Discoveries

Inventions and Discoveries Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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