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Radioactivity Quiz Question with Answer

1. When unstable nuclei undergo radioactive decay, they emit three types of radioactivity. Which is not one of them?

  1. alpha
  2. beta
  3. gamma
  4. delta

2. Radioactivity is spontaneous and random.

  1. true.
  2. false.

3. Whether or not a nuclear fission reaction becomes self-sustaining depends on the release of:

  1. energy
  2. protons
  3. neutrons
  4. electrons

4. Particles that are helium nuclei are called:

  1. alpha particles
  2. beta particles
  3. gamma particles
  4. There are no particles that are helium nuclei

5. What is it called when two atomic nuclei are combined?

  1. nuclear fission
  2. nuclear fusion
  3. nuclear decay
  4. chain reaction

6. Quick electron emissions are called:

  1. alpha decay
  2. beta decay
  3. gamma decay
  4. radioactive half-life

7. Radioactivity that takes the form of high energy electromagnetic waves would be:

  1. alpha
  2. beta
  3. gamma
  4. zeta

8. Isotopes of an element have different numbers of:

  1. protons
  2. neutrons
  3. electrons

9. What form of radioactive decay reduces the atomic number or number of protons by 2?

  1. alpha decay
  2. beta decay
  3. gamma decay
  4. None of the above

10. Which type of radioactive decay doesnt change the atomic number?

  1. alpha
  2. beta
  3. gamma
  4. All forms of radioactive decay affect the atomic number

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