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Dive into the world of Plastics with our comprehensive collection of multiple-choice questions and answers. Whether you're a student studying polymer science, an engineer exploring material properties, or simply curious about the ubiquitous material shaping our modern world, our meticulously curated selection covers a wide range of topics. Explore fundamental concepts such as polymerization processes, plastic types, recycling methods, and environmental impacts. With our user-friendly interface and detailed explanations, mastering the complexities of plastics has never been more engaging and accessible. Start your journey towards understanding this versatile material today!

Plastics Questions with Answers

1. Which of the following is commonly used in schools for vacuum forming?

2. Which process is used to manufacture plastic pipes?

3. Which of the following characteristics does not affect the properties of plastics?

4. Thermosetting materials are

5. Which plastic materials contain strong cross linkings in their molecular structure?

6. Which of the following is an example of thermoplastic material?

7. The process of combining two or more distinct polymer molecules to form a new product with different characteristics is called as

8. Which plastic is used to laminate kitchen worktops?

9. Which of the following is used to manufacture carrier bags?

10. Which of the following is used to make CDs?

11. Specific gravity of the plastics is usually

12. The materials such as lead and barium, which are added with polymers to minimize the effect of heat, sunlight and ozone are called as

13. The plastics which soften when heat is applied with or without pressure, but requires cooling to set them to shape are called as

14. Why are the plasticisers added with polymers?


Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Plastics

Plastics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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