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Layers of the Earth Question with Answer

1. About 80 % of Earth's volume is found in this layer

  1. outer core
  2. inner core
  3. mantle
  4. crust

2. All of the following elements are commonly found in Earth's crust EXCEPT

  1. silicon
  2. iron
  3. calcium
  4. oxygen

3. Alps mountains and Himalayas are classic examples of process of

  1. plate owning
  2. plate tectonics
  3. plate convection
  4. folding

4. Complete this sentence: As you go deeper inside the Earth

  1. it gets hotter, materials get denser and pressure increases
  2. its gets cooler, drier, and easier to travel
  3. the temperature stays the same, but the pressure increases
  4. the temperature increases but the presure decreases

5. First layer of Earth on which we live is

  1. Outer Core
  2. Inner Core
  3. Crust
  4. Mantle

6. Inner and outer core of the Earth Structure is enrich in

  1. copper and gold
  2. gold and platinum
  3. nickel and gold
  4. copper and nickel

7. Plate's move towards each other in

  1. compression boundary
  2. conservative boundary
  3. tensional boundary
  4. divergent boundary

8. Point where two plates meet each other is classified as

  1. plate tectonics
  2. plate boundary
  3. plate convection
  4. plate contraction

9. What are the two main types of crust?

  1. solid and liquid
  2. thik and thin
  3. continental and oceanic
  4. lithosphere and aesthenosphere

10. What does molten mean?

  1. liquid
  2. solid
  3. hot
  4. gas

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